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VSCC Officers

The Volunteer Special Constabulary (VSC) (Community) vocation was launched in 2018 to create more opportunities for the public to join the VSC, and to allow those who are unable to meet the training and patrol requirements of the armed VSC to volunteer with the SPF.


VSC (Community) officers will be posted to one of the 7 Police Land Divisions and be required to serve a minimum of 8 hours of duty per month. They patrol in areas with high commuter traffic, facilitate crowd control and traffic management, carry out engagement at events and roadshows and assist with evacuation during an incident.


Education Qualification: Minimum 3 GCE 'N' levels credits or NITEC

Nationality: Singaporean citizen or permanent resident

Age: 18-60 years old


VSC(Community) officers undergo 9 weeks of non-residential training on basic legal knowledge, police reporting procedures, Police Defence Tactics, and first-aid. The training is conducted on every 2 weekdays and on Saturdays. 


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1. What are the entry requirements to apply for VSC (Community)?
Answer: We welcome Singaporeans, aged 18 years and above, to apply for the vocation. We are looking for volunteers who are passionate and are ready to contribute and work alongside Police in enhancing the safety and security of their neighbourhood. Volunteers should have at least 3 GCE ‘N’ level credits or NITEC and be able to perform a minimum of eight hours of patrol duty each month.

2. What are the roles of the VSC (Community) officers?
Answer: The main roles of VSC (Community) officers are to patrol the streets in the neighbourhoods to deter and detect crime and carry out engagements at community events and roadshows. They will also facilitate crowd and traffic regulation and assist with evacuation where needed.

3. Where are VSC (Community) officers deployed?
Answer: VSC (Community) officers will be deployed for foot patrols in community areas with mass congregation such as markets, town centres and schools. They may also be deployed to support community engagement at roadshows/ events.

4. What training do VSC (Community) officers undergo?

Answer: VSC(Community) officers undergo 9 weeks of training conducted on every 2 weekday evenings and one weekend (every Saturday). They will be trained on police procedures, legal knowledge, Police Defence Tactics and first aid. Unlike the regular Police officers or VSC officers, the VSC (Community) officers are not required to take IPPT. They will however have to undergo a health screening to ensure suitability for their assigned roles.

5. What if I am unable to attend the full training, is it possible to extend my training duration?
Answer: Depending on the duration of absence, a trainee will be able to ask for deferment to join the next intake to continue his training. This is subject to approval.

6. Will I be exempted from National Service if I join as an SPF volunteer?
Answer: No, Operationally Ready NSmen who are liable for national service recalls will NOT be exempted from their National Service responsibilities.

7. I am currently serving my National Service. Can I sign up for VSC(C)?
Answer: Male applicants must have fulfilled their full-time National Service liabilities or be exempted. Those who are in full-time National Service (SPF/SAF/SCDF) will not be considered.

8. How are the VSC (Community) officers equipped?
Answer: VSC(Community) officers are equipped with handcuffs, a baton and a communications set, to aid them in their initial response when they come across any incidents during their patrol.

9. Do VSC (Community) officers have a rank?

Answer: VSC (Community) are appointed as Special Constable (V) under the Police Force Act. This rank is retained throughout their service in the vocation.

10. Are VSC (Community) officers paid?

Answer: VSC(Community) officers serve without remuneration, except for a duty allowance of $5.20 per hour.

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