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What are Special Developments / Special Infrastructures?

Special Developments / Special Infrastructures are buildings designated by the Minister for Home Affairs under the Infrastructure Protection Act. These buildings will need to comply with the Act.


What will be designated as Special Developments / Special Infrastructures?


What is Security-by-Design?

Security-by-Design is a process to ensure that security measures are incorporated when a building is designed, based on an assessment of the security risks to the building. It is overseen by the Commissioner (Infrastructure Protection), and takes place in tandem with the building development.

Who is the Responsible Person? What are the duties of the Responsible Person?

In general, the Responsible Person is the legal owner / occupier of the Special Development / Special Infrastructure. Some of the duties of the Responsible Person include:

  • Ensuring specified works commence only with Commissioner (Infrastructure Protection)’s approval of the security plan
  • Seeking Commissioner's approval for the Competent Person(s) preparing the security plan
  • Ensuring compliance to other laws and regulations in Singapore

Who is the Competent Person? What are the duties of the Competent Person?

In general, the Competent Person is the security / blast consultant preparing the security plan and the certificate of works completion. These may be in-house or commercial consultants.

Applicants for Competent Person (Security) and Competent Person (Blast) will be subjected to security screening and must fulfil the following general competence requirement:

  • Relevant experience (in recent 3 years) in the preparation of Security Plans under the MHA Security-By-Design review process; or
  • Relevant subject matter expertise and knowledge, with accredited referee reports or internationally published professional work [depends on nature of project].

Is there a list of security / blast consultant who meet the general competence requirement that I can refer to?

Please refer to the list here. Responsible Persons will need to decide on the suitability of the consultants for the works that are to be carried out for your Special Development / Special Infrastructure. If you are engaging Competent Person(s) who are foreign employees, please ensure that they comply with the regulations under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act.

Security or blast consultants who meet the general competence requirements may apply to be pre-qualified as a Competent Person using our online registration form (

When will the next examination for Competent Persons be held?

Please refer to the table below for the examination schedules for Competent Person (Security) and Competent Person (Blast) in 2022/2023.


 Examination Schedule (2022/2023) – Competent Person (Security)
  S/N  Dates  Registration Status  Closing Date for Registration
  1.  25 May 2022 (Wednesday)  Closed  Closed
  2.  28 Sept 2022 (Wednesday)  Active  29 July 2022
  3.  01 Feb 2023 (Wednesday)  Not available  - 
Examination Schedule (2022/2023) – Competent Person (Blast) 
 S/N   Dates  Registration Status  Closing Date for Registration
  1.  30 Mar 2022 (Wednesday)  Closed  Closed
  2.  28 Sep 2022 (Wednesday)  Active  29 July 2022
  3.  29 Mar 2023 (Wednesday)  Not available.  -

 Updated as of 31 Mar 2022

 Any reference materials?

Please refer to the guide for Responsible Persons below for more information.

Special Developments / Special Infrastructures Forms

All information and application forms can be found in the table below.

Special Developments / Special Infrastructures   Attachments 
 Approval for Competent Person  Application Form for Approval of Competent Person
 Approval for security plans  Application Form for Approval of Security Plans
 Approval for Certificate of Works Completion  Application for Approval of Certificate of Works Completion (Last updated on 1 Oct 2020)
 Change in Responsible Person  Forms to Change Ownership of SDSI
 Cessation of Special Development / Special Infrastructure  Please write in to CPS at to apply for the cessation.
 Certificate of Work Completion   Certificate of Work Completion (Last updated on 1 Oct 2020)
 Checklist of Works in Approved Security Plan (Sample)  Checklist of Works in Approved Security Plan (Last updated on 1 Oct 2020)