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Clarifications On Online Post Accusing Police Officers Of Bullying

The Police are aware of various posts circulating online alleging police bullying in relation to an incident that the Police had responded to on 17 May 2021 at 6.43pm, at Block 743 Yishun Avenue 5. 

The posts alleged that four officers had “clustered an elderly auntie that took off her mask because she was feeling breathless”, and had continued to “tell her off” even though the elderly woman had put her mask on and that someone had to step in to “salvage the situation”. These allegations are not true.

To clarify, the Police had responded to the incident as a 85-year-old woman, who did not have a mask on, appeared to be lost at the said location. Police officers had attended to the elderly woman to help her find her way home. With the help of a member of the public, it was subsequently established that the elderly woman, believed to have dementia, resided in a nearby block and her domestic helper was contacted to bring her home.

As the incident took place during dinner time, our officers were concerned that the elderly woman might be hungry and bought food for her as well. No further police assistance was required after the elderly woman was handed over to her domestic helper safely.

The Police would also like to commend two other members of the public who had stepped forward to help the elderly woman. A lady offered a mask to the elderly woman. As the elderly woman was not able to put it on, our officer helped to put on the mask for her. A man also came forward and gave the elderly woman a few masks which she accepted. We are heartened by the kind actions of those in the community who stepped forward to offer their assistance to make our community a safe and secure place to live in.

The Police would like to advise members of the public not to participate in the spreading of unverified information or make their own conjectures on an incident and to be responsible when posting or sharing any information online.

The Police take a serious view of such malicious allegations. The authorities are looking into the circulation of the falsehood.


19 May 2021 @ 12:10 PM
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