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Since April 2023, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) has deployed patrol robots at Changi Airport Terminal 4 to augment frontline Police officers in conducting premises patrol. Besides serving as additional eyes on the ground, they project additional police presence in the airport terminal.

Patrol Robots as Force Multipliers

The patrol robot is the latest addition to SPF’s technological arsenal, capable of autonomous patrol and providing the Police with an enhanced situational picture to enable better decision and sense-making. The robot is also equipped with in-built speakers to broadcast audio messages and display visual information on its display panel.

It can also deploy a suite of interim intervention measures (blinkers, siren, and speakers) to enforce a cordon or warn bystanders during an incident prior to the arrival of resources. Its extendable mast with 360-degree field of view and two-way communications also enables the Airport Police Operations Room to have an unimpeded view of the live situation and direct communication with the public for better incident management.

The integration of robotics enhances the operational efficiency and capabilities of our frontline officers, enabling them to be more effective in their duties. The SPF plans to progressively deploy more patrol robots to augment police’s operations across Singapore.


15 June 2023 @ 3:16 PM
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