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Woodlands Division Public Order Response Force Ground Deployment Exercise With Westlite Woodlands Dormitory

On 14 November 2023, Woodlands Police Division held a Public Order Response Force (PORF) Ground Deployment Exercise (GDX), in collaboration with Westlite Woodlands Dormitory. More than 70 officers and staff were involved in this exercise. 

This is the first ever GDX held within an actual dormitory in Woodlands. The realistic setting allowed both sides to validate and refine their contingency and response plans to public order situations.

The GDX was graced by Assistant Commissioner of Police (AC), Ang Eng Seng, Commander Woodlands Police Division, and Mr Kong Chee Min, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Centurion Corporation, which operates all the Westlite dormitories in Singapore. Centurion is one of the largest providers of workers’ accommodation in Singapore and Malaysia, operating 17 properties in the two countries. More than 100 observers including delegates from the United Kingdom and Australia were in attendance to learn from this GDX.

During the GDX, various public order scenarios were played out, showcasing the range of capabilities possessed by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) in handling a public order situation at the dormitories. Westlite Woodlands Dormitory was also able to familiarise their staff with their operating procedures to deal with such situations.

A gift exchange between AC Ang and CEO Mr Kong marked the end of the GDX. Both Woodlands Police Division and Westlite pledge to continue their strong partnership to maintain law and order and ensure the safety and security of migrant workers.

AC Ang said, “The partnership between Woodlands Police Division and Westlite has strengthened significantly, since the inaugural Migrant Worker Community Partnership Forum in July 2023. This GDX builds on our common objective in ensuring the safety and security of our migrant workers. It is a testimony to the continuing collaboration between Woodlands Division and the dormitories in our area.  More than 100 officers, staff and observers are in attendance today. The huge turnout and support for the GDX is testament to the closely knitted ecosystem, strong support and collaboration forged over the years with our stakeholders, including the Ministry of Manpower.”  

Refer to Annex A for photographs taken during the GDX


Annex A

Commander Woodlands Division, AC Ang Eng Seng, in the middle at the GDX 


CEO Centurion, Mr Kong Chee Min, first from the right at the GDX 


A standoff ensued during the GDX 


Woodlands Police Division Officers and Westlite Woodlands Dormitory staff in a final group photo 


Gift exchange between AC Ang and CEO Kong 



16 November 2023 @ 5:10 PM
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