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Post-Blast Investigation Exercise At Former Khalsa Crescent Prison (KCP)

A post-blast investigation (PBI) exercise was held on 31 January to 2 February 2024 at the former Khalsa Crescent Prison (KCP), Admiralty Road West. The exercise was conducted by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and supported by HTX (Home Team Science & Technology Agency), the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Explosives Defence Group (CBRE DG), DSO National Laboratories (DSO) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). This joint exercise is part of SPF’s ongoing efforts to enhance its operational readiness for post-blast investigations and also tested multi-agency response and coordination involving close to 100 personnel. 

PBI is a key focal area for SPF, especially with the existing threat of terrorism. 
To ensure that SPF remains operationally ready to manage bomb-blast incidents, SPF worked closely with participating units to create different blast scenarios and honed their PBI competency through this exercise at KCP. 

Such close collaboration amongst agencies is a key enabler to ensure effective response against terrorism threats. SPF will continue to conduct post-blast related joint training and exercises with various agencies to enhance its investigation capabilities for bomb blast incidents.   

Annex [Photos of the post-blast scene in KCP]
SCDF HazMat Specialists conducting sampling at scene 

20240202_post_blast_investigation_exercise_at_former_khalsa_crescent_prison_KCP 1

SPF, SAF and HTX officers assessing the post-blast scene 

20240202_post_blast_investigation_exercise_at_former_khalsa_crescent_prison_KCP 2

SPF officers documenting the scene 

20240202_post_blast_investigation_exercise_at_former_khalsa_crescent_prison_KCP 3

SAF EOD Team clears the scene of explosive threats to provide a safe environment to facilitate sample collection and forensics of the scene 

20240202_post_blast_investigation_exercise_at_former_khalsa_crescent_prison_KCP 4



02 February 2024 @ 5:00 PM
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