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SMS 71999 Service is a SMS text messaging platform by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) for all members of public who require emergency assistance and when it is not safe to call ‘999’ or when they are unable to speak. Examples include hostage situation when informant is hiding or when the informant are unable to speak for fear of revealing their position.

With the prevalent use of mobile devices, and in certain crime or security situations, there is a need to cater for other means for public to seek urgent Police assistance – i.e. via SMS, especially situations where they are unable to speak or it is unsafe to call ‘999’.

This service is provided at no cost to the users. However, normal SMS rates will apply when messages are sent by the users.

If you require emergency assistance and when it is not safe to call ‘999’, you should:

  1. Compose a brief SMS message containing information on the nature of emergency (what has happened, or is happening) and the location where it is happening at.
  2. Send a message to 71999.
  3. When your message is successfully received by the police emergency operator, an acknowledgment message will be sent back to you.
  4. Where necessary, emergency operators may need to seek further information or clarifications from you.
  5. After obtaining the necessary information, depending on the type of emergency reported, police, ambulance or fire rescue personnel may be despatched.

The service is strictly restricted for EMERGENCY communications when it is NOT SAFE to call ‘999’ or when you cannot speak. You are advised to report emergencies via ‘999’ if it is safe for you to call. Unlike SMS 71999, calling ‘999’ ensures prompt police response as it allows direct communication and clarification between you and the police.

For Non-Emergency communications, you may send the information via i-Witness, Police@SG App or email

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