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The Safe Driving Course (SDC) is a non-mandatory course for eligible motorists to educate and correct their dangerous driving behaviours before they become liable for suspension. Upon successful completion of the SDC, these eligible motorists will have 4 of their demerit points expunged after at least 3 working days. If you wish to find out more or apply for the SDC, please visit any of the 3 driving centres in Singapore:

Eligible Motorists

Eligible motorists will be informed by Traffic Police to register for the SDC. These motorists are able to attempt the SDC at the most twice in 10 years, with at least 1-year’s gap in between the attempts. To be eligible, they must meet the criteria below:


Pre-Determined Demerit Points

  1. Must be holding a valid Singapore Driving Licence
  2. Must not be a probationary driver
  3. Must not be liable for suspension of his / her driving licence, or be liable for a revocation of probationary driving licence, or under Court disqualification of driving licence
  4. Must have accumulated the pre-determined demerit points
  5. Must not have completed SDC in the past year and not more than one SDC in the past 10 years

The pre-determined demerit points are:


  • 8 to 23 demerit points (if there is no existing suspension record); or
  • 4 to 11 demerit points (if there is an existing suspension record).


  1. Motorists with no existing suspension record will become liable for the first suspension of their driving licence when they accumulate 24 or more demerit points within 24 months. Upon accumulating 8 or more demerit points, they will receive the SDC notification letter if they meet the criteria.


  2. Motorists with an existing suspension record will become liable for a subsequent suspension their driving licence when they accumulate 12 or more demerit points within 12 months. Upon accumulating 4 or more demerit points, they will receive the SDC notification letter if they meet the criteria.


Curriculum of SDC

The SDC comprises 2 components: The Theory Lesson, and the Practical Lesson. You may refer to the table below for the more detailed curriculum:

Curriculum for Theory Lesson

Topic 1

  1. Accident facts and figures
  2. Traffic accidents
  3. Accident statistics
  4. Common causes of accidents
  5. Why road accidents happen
  6. Black spots

Topic 2

Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS)

  1. The System
  2. Scheduled Offences
  3. Demerit Points
  4. Suspension Periods
  5. Incentives
  6. Fines/court action

Topic 3

Preventable and Non-Preventable Accidents

  1. To emphasise that human error is the main cause of traffic accidents and most traffic accidents are preventable.


  2. Defensive driving requires:
  • Knowledge, Alertness, Foresight, Judgement and Skill

Topic 4

Attitude and Responsibilities of a Driver

  1. Qualities of a good driver
  2. Common causes of accidents
  3. Consequences of traffic accidents

Topic 5

Interaction with Other Road Users

  1. Pedestrians
  2. Cyclists
  3. Motorcyclists
  4. Motorcars
  5. Large vehicles

Topic 6

Defensive Driving (Six Adverse Conditions that Lead to Accidents)

  1. Driver conditions
  2. Vehicle conditions
  3. Road conditions
  4. Weather conditions
  5. Light conditions
  6. Traffic conditions

Topic 7

 Case studies of actual accident scenarios

Total Duration for Theory Lesson: 3 Hours 30 Minutes

Curriculum for Practical Lesson

Demonstration by instructor on application of safe driving techniques:

  1. Spacing Rules
  2. Passing Rules
  3. Head-on Collision Avoidance Rules
  4. Intersection Rules
  5. Scanning/Search Rules

Practising safe/defensive driving techniques by participants (Guided safe driving)

Total Duration for Practical Lesson: 50 minutes

Total Duration of Safe Driving Course: 4 Hours 20 Minutes


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