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Police Workplan Seminar And Exhibition 2023 – A Future-Ready Force For The Nation

The Police Workplan Seminar and Exhibition 2023 (WPS) was held on 12 May 2023 at Singapore Expo Hall 2. It was graced by the Minister for Home Affairs and for Law, Mr K Shanmugam, who delivered the keynote speech and commissioned the Special Operations Command’s Tactical Strike Vehicle.

The initiatives unveiled at the WPS focused on:

  1. Enhancing Police’s response to public order and public security incidents;

  2. Augmenting frontline policing; and

  3. Enhancing service delivery and community engagement.

Enhancing Police’s Response to Public Order and Public Security Incidents

Tactical Strike Vehicle

The Tactical Strike Vehicle (TSV) is the latest addition to the Special Operations Command's arsenal of tactical vehicles. The TSV was jointly developed by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX) to augment the Rapid Deployment Troops' tactical capabilities. Heavily fortified with a protective mesh and an armoured body for enhanced troop protection, it is able to swiftly punch through the heart of the public security incident to neutralise the threat. Other features include a public announcement system, flood lights, and sensemaking cameras.

Images of Tactical Strike Vehicle 

Tactical Strike VehicleTactical Strike Vehicle

Counter Drone System

Drones pose a threat to public safety and security as they can bypass traditional security measures set up to protect a major event. To counter the threat, the SPF and HTX have developed a counter drone system that can be deployed at such events.

The system includes a suite of detection sensors, including electro-optics cameras. These sensors are able to detect and alert the Police to unauthorised drones in the vicinity, and get visuals of the drones and any payloads they may be carrying. The sensors are controlled by the system’s Command and Control unit.

Image of Electro-Optics Sensor 

Electro-Optics Sensor

Image of Counter Drone System Detector 

Counter Drone System Detector

Image of Counter Drone System, Command and Control (C2) Display 

Counter Drone System, Command and Control (C2) Display

Upon being alerted by the system of an unauthorised drone, the Police’s ground forces will try to stop the flight, for example using the handheld jammer guns, and to locate the pilot. The jammer gun disrupts the drone’s control signal. This stops the drone’s flight and allows the Police to retrieve the drone for investigations.

Image of Jammer Gun 

Jammer Gun

Augmenting Frontline Policing

Operationalisation of Patrol Robots

Two autonomous patrol robots have been deployed at Changi Airport Terminal 4 since April 2023 to augment patrols of the premises by Police officers. Besides serving as additional eyes on the ground, they project additional Police presence around the clock. The patrol robots’ capabilities include:

  1. Sensemaking
    The patrol robots provide multi-directional live video feeds to the Police Operations Centre.

  2. Autonomous with Multiple Sensors
    With its suite of sensors, the patrol robots have the ability to autonomously avoid obstacles and hazards along its patrol route, as well as generate a map of its surroundings and an appropriate path for travel.

  3. Purpose-Built Intervention Mechanisms
    The patrol robots are equipped with loudspeakers to broadcast audio recordings, and blinkers to alert members of the public to its presence.

  4. Enhanced Detection Capabilities
    The patrol robots’ thermal imaging cameras enhance the coverage beyond normal human sight.

The SPF will be progressively deploying patrol robots in more public areas across Singapore.

Image of Patrol Robot 

Patrol Robot

Automated Armoury System

The Automated Armoury System is an initiative that the SPF, the Central Narcotics Bureau, and the HTX are developing. It is a smart locker system complemented by Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), for officers to perform self-withdrawal and return of their sidearms. With multiple authentication terminals, several officers will be able to withdraw/ return their sidearms and tasers at the same time. There is improved governance of armaments, with the system being capable of detecting and responding to lapses.

Image of Automated Armoury System 

Automated Armoury System

Enhancing Service Delivery and Community Engagement

Service Transformation

The SPF has been moving towards a tiered service delivery model. Services are offered on digital platforms to enable members of the public to access them anytime and anywhere, at their convenience. Enquiries to our service hotlines are put through the interactive voice response system and re-directed to digital platforms or call operators where necessary.

The Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) will also be re-designed to provide round-the-clock self-service options such as self-help kiosks and found-property dropboxes. The new Woodleigh NPC will be the first redesigned NPC, serving the new Bidadari estate from July 2023. The re-design of NPCs is part of the SPF’s plan to improve the efficiency of Police operations, optimise resources, and serve the community better, by leveraging technology.

Image of Found-Property Dropbox 

Found-Property Dropbox

Image of Self-Help Kiosk  

Self-Help Kiosk

Digitalisation of Police Services

By 2024, the SPF aims to achieve end-to-end digitalisation of all our Police services, including the Traffic Police (TP) e-Appeals Portal.

This will help the SPF:

  1. Provide greater convenience to members of the public who have to transact with us; and

  2. Streamline the work processes for our officers.

Expansion of Traffic Police e-Appeals Portal

Since 1 November 2016, the Traffic e-Appeals Portal has provided a single, consolidated online platform for motorists to file appeals on outstanding traffic offences and violations. The platform has:

  1. Reduced the overall turnaround time in processing appeals;

  2. Increased work efficiency; and

  3. Allowed the SPF to better track and manage appeals, previously sent via multiple platforms such as emails and physical post.

The range of appeals the platform handles has been expanded since May 2023, to cover driving licence-related appeals such as driving licence suspension and revocation.

Community Engagement Robot

In consultation with the HTX, the SPF and Ngee Ann Polytechnic developed the Community Engagement Robot (CE Robot) to enhance the way in which community engagement is conducted. The CE Robot, also known as Cody (Community Outreach BudDY), enhances community engagement through novel and interesting ways. Members of the public can take photos with Cody; play interactive videos and answer quizzes on its display panel; and read targeted crime prevention advisories. Cody can communicate in all our vernacular languages. In the future, Cody will be deployed at roadshows, community engagement events, and even in patrols at community spaces.

Image of Community Engagement Robot  ▼

Community Engagement Robot

Scam Public Education Office

Scams have increased significantly over the past few years, with victims incurring substantial financial losses in some cases. Beyond strengthening our infrastructure, laws and enforcement capabilities, public education is also key. Our best defence against scams is a discerning and vigilant public.The Scam Public Education Office (SPEO) was set up earlier this year within Police’s Operations Department. SPEO will drive scam public education and awareness efforts, and expand the SPF’s outreach on scams by:

  1. Leveraging partnerships with public and private entities;

  2. Ensuring consistent anti-scams messaging across various communications platforms; and

  3. Rallying the community to amplify and co-create anti-scam messages and programmes.

Conversation on Scams (C-SCAMS)

As part of the SPF’s efforts to engage the community on scams, the SPEO launched Conversation on Scams (C-SCAMS), a series of engagement sessions co-organised with community partners, last year. C-SCAMS galvanises individual and community actions against scams by cultivating community networks that can work with the Police to:

  1. Shape anti-scam efforts for different population segments;

  2. Amplify anti-scam messages; and

  3. Co-create anti-scam initiatives in partnership with the Police.

The first C-SCAMS was held on 21 November 2022, co-organised with community stakeholders who work with seniors and working adults. The second session of C-SCAMS, held on 28 April 2023, focused on community stakeholders who work with youths. During such events, the SPEO would share with community stakeholders information on scams in Singapore, the psychology behind scams, as well as actions the community can take to safeguard against scams. Community stakeholders would have the opportunity to discuss questions relating to their community, including what they can do to keep their respective communities safe from scams, how to reach out to their communities more effectively, and how their respective organisations can work with the SPF and the National Crime Prevention Council to keep the community safe from scams. SPEO will be organising more engagement sessions this year to connect with other population segments, such as migrant workers.

A Future-Ready Force for the Nation

The SPF constantly looks ahead, anticipates change, and positions itself to be able to continue being successful in its mission despite a rapidly evolving landscape. We will continue to adapt and transform as necessary to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future, to ensure that Singapore remains the safest country in the world.

A video titled, “A Future-Ready Force for the Nation”, has been uploaded on the SPF’s Facebook page.

12 May 2023 @ 4:15 PM
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