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Digitalisation Of Private Driving Instructor (PDI) Licence Renewal Process

With effect from 1 Feb 2024, the Private Driving Instructor (PDI) licence renewal application will be available online. This is part of the Police’s digitalisation efforts to enhance public service delivery. Prior to the roll-out, the PDIs have been engaged by the Traffic Police (TP) on the new application process.

PDI Licence Renewal Process

PDIs who wish to renew their licences can now do so online by submitting their applications at SMS reminders will be sent to PDIs to submit their renewal application during the renewal application period. Please refer to the table below for the renewal application period. 

Licence Expiry Months

Licence Renewal Period Window

February, March, April

1 – 15 January

May, June, July

1 – 15 April

August, September, October

1 – 15 July

November, December, January

1 – 15 October


Note: The majority of PDIs with their licences expiring in February 2024 would have completed their renewal application. PDIs with their licences expiring in March and April 2024 will be notified via SMS to submit their renewal application between 1 – 15 February 2024. PDIs with their licences expiring in May 2024 onwards will follow the licence renewal application period in the table above.

The processing time will take about two weeks. For successful applications, the digital PDI licence will be emailed to the PDI. PDIs should print out the PDI licence for display in the vehicle. Please refer to Annex A for the flowchart of the application process.

With the roll-out of online application for PDI licence renewal, physical application via walk-ins will be discontinued on the same day, i.e. 1 Feb 2024.  PDIs may find out more information on the PDI licence renewal process from any of the three driving test centres, or visit the SPF e-services webpage at

Verification of Digital PDI Licence

Members of the public may verify the validity of a digital PDI licence by cross-checking the name and contact number of the licence holder on the SPF website at, under “Licenced Private Driving Instructors”. 

Annex A

Flowchart on PDI Licence Renewal Application Process 


Annex B

FormSG Application 



31 January 2024 @ 10:20 PM
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