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Published 04 January 2023
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Here’s a look back at the year’s highlights for the SPF!

By: Domnic Dass and Christabelle Lim

Police Life 012023 2022 in Review Part 2 00


Police Life 012023 2022 in Review Part 2 01
From left: Deputy Commissioner of Police (Policy) Jerry See; Brigadier-General Frederick Choo, Chief of Staff-Joint Staff, Singapore Armed Forces Inspector-General and Chief Sustainability Officer; Commissioner of Police Hoong Wee Teck; Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Anthony Ng, Director Training and Capability Development Department; and Associate Professor Jason Lee, National University of Singapore.

SPF Training Safety Symposium 2022

When it comes to training safety, we all have a part to play. The inaugural Singapore Police Force (SPF) Training Safety Symposium 2022 was held on 6 October 2022 with the theme “Training Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility.” Attended by over 420 officers, the Symposium allowed for the sharing of best practices in the field of safe and effective training.


Police Life 012023 2022 in Review Part 2 02
The Police Bicentennial 2020 Medal and Medallion.

The Police Bicentennial 2020 Medal and Medallion

The Police Bicentennial 2020 Medal and Medallion were unveiled at the Police Day Parade on 3 June 2022 to commemorate 200 years of the SPF. On this day, Police officers stood proud with the new medals on our uniforms to honour the contributions of all officers, past and present. Together, we also renewed our pledge to keep Singapore safe and secure. Check out highlights from this year’s Police Day Parade!


Police Life 012023 2022 in Review Part 2 03
Full-time Police National Service officers in training.

NS55: Generations of Strength

Since it was institutionalised in 1967, National Service (NS) has become one of the pillars of Singapore’s security. To commemorate 55 years of NS, in 2022, the SPF took part in a series of events to recognise the contributions of National Servicemen from the Home Team and Singapore Armed Forces. Thank you for your service! Learn more about our NS officers at this link. Check out our Fall In video series too!


Police Life 012023 2022 in Review Part 2 04
Drones and robots help SecCom officers to safely search hard-to-reach or hazardous areas.

Bomb-Sweeping Drones and Robots

One of the core duties of the Security Command (SecCom) is to conduct search operations to look for explosive devices or security threats at major events, to safeguard guests and participants. To enhance their search capabilities, SecCom has worked with the Home Team Science and Technology Agency to leverage technology such as drones and robots to search hard-to-reach or hazardous areas. Click here to learn more about these cool tech tools.


Police Life 012023 2022 in Review Part 2 05
In June 2022, the PHC organised an outreach event after COVID-19 restrictions had been eased, welcoming 247 visitors as part of its Little Friends of the Force programme.

20th Anniversary of the Police Heritage Centre (PHC)

After a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the PHC re-opened its doors on 15 August 2022, in conjunction with its 20th anniversary! A popular attraction that receives a steady stream of visitors, the PHC showcases the SPF’s history and heritage, honouring the invaluable contributions of officers both past and present who have kept Singapore safe and secure. Want to visit the PHC? Find out more here!


Police Life 012023 2022 in Review Part 2 06B
Safeguarding Every Day, now on TikTok!

Join Us on TikTok!

When it comes to raising public awareness about crime prevention and sharing stories about our officers, we’re right there! In April 2022, the SPF launched our very own TikTok account to an enthusiastic response. Check us out on TikTok for a different perspective on keeping Singapore safe and secure!


Police Life 012023 2022 in Review Part 2 07
Sergeant Nur Fadilah (left) is an officer with 13 years of experience. Special Constable Franco Kam is a Full-time Police National Service officer who joined Woodlands West Neighbourhood Police Centre in April 2022.

Finally, Special Thanks to Our Dedicated Officers on the Ground!

In 2022, Singapore once again secured the top spot on Gallup’s Global Law and Order Index. As always, our officers were steadfast in their duties, giving their best while knowing that at any moment they might be thrust into extraordinary situations to save lives. In June 2022, what started as a routine night shift duty turned into an unforgettable evening for two Ground Response Force officers from Woodlands West Neighbourhood Police Centre. First to arrive at a HDB unit on fire, they didn’t hesitate and rescued two toddlers from the inferno. Read on to find out what happened!


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