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Published 09 August 2023
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Happy Birthday, Singapore! Check out our officers in action at this year’s National Day Parade!

By: Nur Ihshana Shaheen Binte Babajahn

Vibrant red and white fireworks are seen with the skyline of Singapore's iconic buildings like the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in the background. The night sky is filled with the red, blue, white, purple, turquoise, and yellow lights from the buildings surrounding the float.
Vibrant fireworks lit up the night sky on our little red dot’s special day. PHOTOS: SPF

With the theme “Onward as One,” Singapore celebrated its 58th birthday at the Padang with a spectacular array of performances. Representing the Singapore Police Force (SPF) at the National Day Parade this year were dedicated officers from various Police divisions! 

To kickstart the evening, the SPF Band, together with musicians from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and talented performers from Bowen and Yuhua Secondary School, put up an impressive 133-person display of precision, forming the words and numbers “NDP 23.”

The SPF, SAF, and secondary school students from Bowen and Yuhua Secondary School putting up the military band. The stage is white. Some performers are wearing red top and black while others are wearing white uniform with black and white pants. The performers are holding instruments such as the tuba and trumpet. They are standing in alignment.
And the crowd went wild! The impressive 133-person military tattoo earned a standing ovation from the crowd.

This year’s Total Defence segment had a refreshing new take with six larger-than-life models of everyday objects representing the pillars of Total Defence. Another highlight of the Parade was a combined drive-past of 20 types of vehicles from the SPF, SAF and Singapore Civil Defence Force.

The lighted up words Majulah Singapura are on the National Gallery Building. The SPF's next-generation fast response car, Traffic Police Expressway Patrol Car, a riot vehicle called the Armored Personnel Carrier, and the SPF's latest edition to the Special Operations Command arsenal, the Tactical Strike Vehicle are doing a drive-by.
A jaw-dropping drive-by of the SPF vehicles!

Parade participants also received a special treat – an up-close view of the SPF’s Tactical Strike Vehicle (TSV). The latest addition to the Special Operations Command’s (SOC) arsenal of tactical vehicles made its debut at this year’s Parade, to the appreciation of the crowd.

SPF's latest addition to the Special Operations Command arsenal, the Tactical Strike Vehicle. It's black in color and has the word "Police Special Operations Command" on its side with the SPF logo in white.
The TSV – SPF’s newest addition to the SOC’s arsenal of tactical vehicles.

Then it was time for a musical interlude. Crowd favourites like the SPF Band and the Women Police Pipes and Drums band, joined by the SAF Band and the combined school’s band, put up a melodious performance to welcome the Guard of Honour contingents.

The SPF band marching along the road facing the national gallery of singapore. The officers face's look focused, one man leading his band members who march behind him while playing various instruments such as the bass drum, which has the SPF logo on it.
Our talented band members put up a masterly performance!

The Guard of Honour contingents comprised officers from three uniformed services – the SPF and SAF. Dressed in their ceremonial No. 1 uniforms, they marched onto the Parade for inspection by President Halimah Yacob.

The SPF and SAF guard-of-honor contingents stand in attention with their SAR21 rifles. The officers look focused as they await their commands for salute.
Standing in full attention, the Guard of Honour contingents looked sharp in their No.1 uniforms as they awaited the command to give the iconic gun salute.

But it wasn’t only at the Padang that our officers distinguished themselves. Amidst the joyous celebrations at the Parade itself, our officers had their guard up throughout the day to ensure a safe and secure National Day for all. Over 2,000 officers were deployed to provide land and sea security at the Padang and its vicinity.

The Protective Security Command (ProCom) In-Situ Reaction Team (IRT) officers patrolling the area surrounding the NDP to ensure everyone's safety. The officers look focused and alert, and are holding on to their Heckler and Koch MP5 submachine gun. There is an elderly lady to the right of the photo seated on a bench smiling as she looks at the officers.
Rain or shine, National Day or not, our officers’ guards are always up!

In keeping with this year’s Parade theme of “Onward as One,” our officers, regardless of whether they were participating in the Parade or on duty, shared a common determination to give their best. 

Bonus: Tech Spotlight
This year’s Parade preparations by the SPF also involved a number of tech features to ensure crowd safety. For example, officers enhanced the visibility of event signage with LEDs and placed runway lights to guide people towards MRT stations in the Padang area. Members of the public could also check out the Crowd@MarinaBay website to view real-time crowd levels and closure areas at the various Firework viewing spots.

There are 2 side-by-side photos. The photo on the left is of an LED sign board in the dark which guides pedestrians and parade-goers to the NDP area with ease. The photo on the right is of red runway lights placed on the floor to guide pedestrians.
This year, the SPF has implemented additional measures such as enhanced event signage (left) and runway lights to ensure crowd safety.

Another year, another good show by our officers at the National Day Parade – Majulah Singapura!

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