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Published 07 September 2023
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For SI Sophian, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to training, just a genuine passion to help fellow officers succeed.

By: Woon Yee Gin

“Whether it’s by solving a challenging problem or coming up with a creative solution,” said Station Inspector (SI) Mohammed Sophian See Bin Izwan See, “being able to make a difference is what I find most rewarding as an officer!”

Police Life 092023 Trainers in Blue 02 01
SI Sophian enjoys helping his fellow ERT officers at Central Police Division fulfil their potential. PHOTOS: Ashwini Jayasankar

Driven by a passion for keeping the community safe, SI Sophian joined the Singapore Police Force (SPF) in 2010. After getting his start at Marina Bay Neighbourhood Police Centre as a Ground Response Force officer, SI Sophian was posted to Central Police Division where he now serves as an Emergency Response Team (ERT) Deputy Team Leader. He’s also an adjunct training officer for Central Police Division, a role that allows him to help his fellow officers fulfil their training goals.

Training for Effective Policing
As part of his trainer duties, SI Sophian oversees 25 adjunct trainers who conduct tactical training, physical training, firearms training and contact tactics training for fellow officers. “ERT officers conduct high-visibility patrols and provide swift and effective response to public security and public order incidents,” he explained. “Keeping our skills current and having good physical conditioning and fitness help us to perform better.”

Police Life 092023 Trainers in Blue 02 03
Taking officers through the paces during a physical training session.

In SI Sophian’s view, good trainers must possess the relevant expertise and a genuine passion for helping others succeed. “We also need to have patience and adaptability,” he said. “Everyone has unique learning needs. By being able to adapt our teaching methods, we can help each person set realistic goals to reach their objective.”

The Mental Edge
SI Sophian’s attention to the learning needs of officers was evident as he shared how he helps them gain confidence to reach their training goals. “Sometimes, during the learning or training process, we can doubt our abilities, and that’s normal,” he said. “When this happens, I'll engage these officers to understand their challenges and work with them to overcome them, thus strengthening their resolve and reinforcing their confidence throughout their lifelong learning journey."

For SI Sophian, mental resilience is key. “It’s not just being able to manage the physical aspects of training; it’s also about understanding and addressing mental or emotional barriers that hold us back,” he said. “When officers understand this and apply it to make a breakthrough, it’s incredibly rewarding.”

All for One

Another focus area for SI Sophian as a trainer is collaboration and mutual support, as this has a major impact on how officers work together on the ground. “Teamwork plays a crucial role in ERT training as it enhances learning, collaboration and overall effectiveness,” he said. “By taking part in exercises or simulations that require teamwork, we can come up with more innovative and effective solutions, together.”

Police Life 092023 Trainers in Blue 02 02
When conducting training sessions, SI Sophian is mindful to reinforce the values of collaboration and mutual support.

For SI Sophian, working as a team allows officers to share their unique knowledge, skills and experiences. “When we do this, it enriches the learning experience for everyone involved,” he explained. “As trainers, conducting training sessions that reinforce such team synergy in the ERT is crucial to achieving mission success!”

Singapore Police Force (SPF) Training Awards 2023
SI Sophian is one of the recipients of the Trainer of the Year Award at this year’s SPF Training Awards Ceremony. Held on 29 August 2023, the Awards recognise the achievements of Trainers (both Full-Time and Adjunct) and Training Teams for their contributions in advancing training excellence. Congratulations to this year’s award recipients!

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