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The Home Team School of Criminal Investigation (HTSCI) was established as a specialist unit under the Singapore Police Force (SPF) to serve the investigation training needs of the Police and the Home Team. HTSCI reports to a Board of Management (BOM), chaired by the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Investigations and Intelligence). The BOM comprises senior investigation and management staff from the Home Team Academy, Casino Regulatory Authority, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, Central Narcotics Bureau and the Commercial Affairs Department.



To train all investigation and forensic officers in the Home Team and related law enforcement agencies with skills and competencies, and in new capabilities, to face current and future challenges in criminal investigation work.



HTSCI strives to be at the leading edge of criminal investigation training, establishing standards of excellence in training and learning for investigation and forensic officers. It serves as the beacon to guide knowledge, skills and competency development in criminal investigation in the Home Team.

HTSCI conducts courses to meet the investigation training needs of all Home Team Departments (HTDs). HTSCI courses are attended by investigation and forensic officers from HTDs and other law enforcement agencies.  The courses range from milestone, to specialised courses and to modular workshops.  Milestone courses train investigators progressively through the basic to intermediate and advanced investigation courses.  Investigation Leadership courses are held for investigation supervisors and leaders at various levels.  Specialised courses cover areas such as financial investigation, tech crime investigation, forensics and post blast investigation. Modular workshops and seminars are organised on subject matters such as interview skills, legal related matters and on new trends and developments. The school also facilitates networking and peer-learning, with a view to strengthen investigators across the entire spectrum of HTDs, contributing to greater Home Team effectiveness.

The school has outreached to institutes of higher learning, related enforcement agencies and international law enforcement training counterparts.  Regional training seminars are occasionally organised on specialised investigation areas.

In its daily operations, the school is supported by full-time and adjunct trainers drawn from the investigation community. It works closely with operational investigation units to plan and conduct the courses.  HTSCI also engages its stakeholders regularly to ensure currency of its course curriculum. The school constantly enhances its training methodology and use of technology to support its delivery of training programmes.



All investigation-training related queries may be forwarded to

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