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The Special Operations Command (SOC) is the strategic force of the Singapore Police Force (SPF). Today, SOC consists of three main units: the Police Tactical Unit (PTU), the Special Tactics and Rescue (STAR) Unit and the Police K-9 Unit. SOC also oversees three auxiliary units: the Crisis Negotiation Unit (CNU), the Special Women Task Team (SWTT), and the United Nations Peacekeeping Force (UNPKF).



To provide the highest level of tactical options to prevent, deter and detect crime.



  1. PTU

  2. The PTU is responsible for a broad range of public order tasking, from dealing with civil disturbances to quelling violent riots. The unit also performs security related duties including searches for armed criminals, illegal immigrants, and responds to terrorist incidents in the form of Armed Strike Teams.

  3. STAR Unit

  4. The STAR Unit provides the SPF with the highest level of tactical armed-response capability. It is an elite, well trained and equipped unit to apprehend armed criminals and conduct hostage rescue operations on land and at sea. It has formidable firepower, all-terrain mobility and is capable of helicopter-borne insertion. Besides dealing with highly dangerous criminals, STAR is also involved in risky protective security operations and prisoner escorts.

  5. Police K-9 Unit

  6. The Police K-9 Unit has dogs trained specifically for explosive detection, drug detection, guard duties and anti-crime operations. Its dogs are also trained to support the PTU in public order operations. The unit also supports the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, Central Narcotics Bureau, Customs and Singapore Prison Service in their operations at checkpoints, ferry terminals, airport and penal institutions.

  7. CNU

  8. The CNU comprises police officers and psychologists, who are all secondary appointment holders in the SPF performing their duties as negotiators over and above their primary duties. There will always be a CNU team on stand-by around the clock to attend to any crises that may require their specialised negotiation skills. Their mission is to achieve peaceful resolutions through negotiation.

  9. SWTT

  10. The SWTT is a unit made up of women from various land divisions and specialist departments who hold their secondary appointments concurrently with their main duties in the SPF. This is a special unit of woman officers trained in specialised public order skills whom the SPF can deploy whenever the situation requires. One of their roles is to safely extract women, children and the elderly who are assessed to be in a vulnerable situation in large scale events, should the crowd turn violent.

  11. UNPKF

  12. The UNPKF was set up under the SOC to provide SPF with the capability to deploy specially trained officers to perform policing duties in overseas peacekeeping missions. Officers holding these secondary appointments have been deployed for several missions, including to Iraq, Aceh, East-Timor & Cambodia.


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