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Currently located in the Home Team Academy (HTA), the Police Training Command (TRACOM) is the primary training institute of the Singapore Police Force (SPF), as all police officers pass through its training doors before assuming their duties in the respective units.

TRACOM undertakes the training of recruits as well as serving officers. TRACOM conducts foundation courses, milestone commanders’ courses, as well as generic vocational courses. In addition, TRACOM also conducts skills maintenance and refresher courses for serving officers, develops and curate training contents for workplace training. Fresh police recruits undergo residential training aimed at equipping them with core operational skills, individual soft skills as well as team skills to prepare them for frontline duties. Core values and discipline are inculcated so that they will truly serve the community and country, by upholding the high moral standards necessary for SPF to continue discharging its duties.

Training at TRACOM is not limited to the classroom. Field training, which includes physical fitness training, scenario-based training and experimental learning, is an important component of many training programmes. In sum, TRACOM is committed to enhancing the capability of SPF officers to discharge their responsibilities effectively and efficiently, making Singapore a safe and secure home for all.



TRACOM’s mission is to “turn recruits into Police officers and Leaders”. It also provides training to serving Police Officers both in and out of the academy to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed for them to perform their jobs well.



TRACOM comprises the following schools and units:

  1. Basic Training School: basic police training for National Service and Regular police officers

  2. Advance Training School: vocational training for police officers posted to the frontline

  3. Leadership & Executive Training School: leadership training for police officers

  4. Curriculum Assessment Branch: curriculum reviews and assessment

These units are supported by the Manpower, and Corporate Services Branch. In addition, the Police Band and the National Police Cadet Corps also come under the purview of TRACOM.

Singapore Police Force Band

The Singapore Police Force Band (SPF Band) boasts a rich heritage and is currently the oldest band in Singapore. To date, the Band has won international recognition and awards, and boasts a wide repertoire of music ranging from light classics, popular favourites, big band and the ethnic music of Southeast Asia to the more serious classical transcriptions. 

Besides encompassing a host of ensembles such as the Military Band, Concert Band, Police Quintet, SPF Combo Band, SPF Duo, SPF Big Band, the Fusion Quintet and the Brass Quintet, the band also has the distinction of being the only service band in Singapore that is complemented by bagpipes and drums, known as the Women Police Pipes & Drums (WPPD). The Gurkha Contingent Pipes & Drums (GCPD) make a considerable contribution to unit esprit de corps and are viewed as an embodiment of it by a wide cross section of the public and SPF. The GCPD regularly combines with the SPF Band and Women Police Pipes & Drums to form the SPF Combined Band, and performs at selected high-profile events.

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