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Operations Department is the staff authority on operational matters within the Singapore Police Force.



The Mission of Operations Department is “To turn Plans into Action”.



To achieve its mission, Operations Department adopts the three key strategic thrusts of Operational Excellence, Operational Readiness and Operational Development. There are 11 divisions under the department and they manage the following core operational functions under the three thrusts. The department also oversees the Home Team Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Unit and the New Phoenix Park Security Unit.


Operational Excellence

Operational Readiness

Operational Development

  • Formulating and reviewing frontline and specialist operational policies, plans, doctrines, tactics and procedures

  • Providing policy guidance on the custodial care of Persons-In-Custody

  • Developing doctrines, Standard Operating Procedures and policies for managing major incidents, daily operations, and managing the Police Permit regime

  • Fighting crime by developing effective crime prevention policies, coordinating joint operations, and evaluating crime prevention content and crime control strategies

  • Coordinating SPF’s security and contingency planning efforts in the successful execution of major security events held in Singapore

  • Formulating, validating and reviewing policies and plans to ensure that the SPF is ready to respond swiftly and effectively to major contingencies and national emergencies

  • Coordinating the SPF’s efforts in dealing with terrorist threats, focusing on prevention, deterrence and capability development

  • Ensuring the operational readiness of SPF’s Units to respond to and effectively manage major incidents and contingencies through the conduct and evaluation of exercises from line unit to Police HQ levels

  • Developing and managing operations-related technologies such as cameras, sensors, and capabilities for effective command, control and communications

  • Ensuring that SPF’s operations are “Future-Ready” through engaging key partners, exploring new ideas and experimenting

  • Overseeing SPF’s UAV operations and driving the development of UAV capabilities that support Home Team operations

  • Overseeing the operations, training and capability development of the Auxiliary Police Forces, and ensuring alignment with MHA’s and SPF’s strategic interests


Operations Department also oversees the New Phoenix Park Security Unit (NPPk SU). The NPPk SU has the overall mandate to take charge of the overall protective security and access control of NPPk.

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