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The Public Affairs Department (PAD) enhances the reputation and brand image of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) through the effective management of communications to the media and members of the public. Our key responsibilities include:

  1. The liaison authority between the SPF and the news media, as well as for information management and crisis communications;

  2. Development of SPF’s corporate communication strategies and policies;

  3. Production of publications and multimedia content; and

  4. Preserving and promoting SPF’s heritage.



To enhance the reputation of the SPF and public trust through strategic and effective communication.



PAD’s main roles are: 

  1. Multimedia Communications Division

  2. The Multimedia Communications Division (MCD) is the print and multimedia content production arm of the SPF. Apart from the content production, MCD also oversees the SPF website. To foster greater public understanding for SPF officers and their work, MCD collaborates with the broadcast media in television productions such as Crimewatch and C.L.I.F. MCD also works closely with relevant stakeholders to create contents that support and promote the mission and brand of the SPF.


  3. Policy & Development Division

  4. The Policy & Development Division (P&D) formulates and drives communication policies and branding guidelines for the SPF, and ensures that the SPF brand is portrayed consistently and accurately both within and beyond the Force. P&D also develops and manages strategic communications in the event of a major incident or crisis, and oversees the resource planning, administrative and overall financial functions of PAD.


  5. Public Communications Division

  6. The Public Communications Division (PCD) handles all media-related matters. PCD is the lead for the communications of all SPF-related events, including media publicity and internal communications. PCD also drives SPF’s crisis communications efforts and ensures a consistent and timely update of information to the public through mainstream and social media. In enhancing SPF's online capabilities for effective communication and engagement by sharing digital and multimedia content on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, PCD promotes the SPF brand.


  7. Heritage & Social Responsibility Branch

  8. The Heritage & Social Responsibility Branch (HSB) is responsible for preserving and promoting the rich heritage of the SPF, as well as driving the fundraising and social activities component under the SPF’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. HSB advances public education and the understanding of the history of the SPF, including facilitating the collection and preservation of Police artefacts, as well as curating the exhibits and hosting tours at the Police Heritage Centre.


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