Specialist and Line Units



PCG is focused on strengthening its maritime policing capabilities and keeping abreast of new developments to enable it to meet various challenges in its diverse operating environment. The focus on training and capability building is required to safeguard the safety and security of Singapore waters.


To Prevent, Deter and Detect Crime in Singapore Territorial Waters.


PCG comprises 8 staff branches and 12 line units. The staff branches provide support to the line units in various areas like policy, budget, resources and manpower planning.

Its 12 line units include 4 regions, squadrons and essential support functions like Technical Command and Training School. The nerve centre, PCG Command Centre coordinates the daily activities on the front.

PCG has 4 bases which are strategically located around Singapore. Loyang and Lim Chu Kang Regional bases cover the northern port waters (sea off Tuas, Johor Straits and sea of Changi). Brani and Gul Regional bases cover the southern port waters including the southern islands. Brani Regional Base is also where the PCG Headquarter is based.

PCG deploys a multi-layered defence to safeguard Singapore’s porous coastline. PCG leverage on international cooperation, intelligence, surveillance, boat patrols, coastline hardening and land patrols to achieve their desired outcome of a safe and secure waters.

Last Updated on 08 August 2019