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A Public Entertainment or Arts Entertainment licence is required to provide any entertainment  (unless exempted); the definition of Public Entertainment and Arts Entertainment can be found in the First Schedule of the Public Entertainments Act (PEA).

The different categories of Public Entertainment, types of Public Entertainment licence and accompanying fees can be found here.

Under the Public Entertainments Exemptions Orders1, certain events or activities are exempted from a Public Entertainment licence or Arts Entertainment2 licence, respectively, if a stipulated set of conditions is met. In addition, specific events/activities that are exempted require the organiser to notify the Police at least 7 days before the event/activity may be carried out.

For information on exemption from a Public Entertainment licence, click here

If you require the notifications forms, please select the appropriate forms below;

1 Public Entertainments and Meetings (Exemptions) Order and Public Entertainments (Specified Arts Entertainment) (Exemption) Order 2005.

2 The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) regulates AE.

To be eligible for a Public Entertainment licence, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The applicant must satisfy the criteria and requirements published by the Licensing Officer*;
  2. The premises that would provide the public entertainment must be in an approved place, i.e. it must also meet the requirements under Section 2(3) of the Public Entertainments Act.

* For more information, please refer to : “Guidelines on the criteria and requirements for a person to be fit and proper to hold a public entertainment licence"

Responsibility of the Organiser

As the organiser, you are to conduct your event in a socially responsible manner and ensure that it does not cause any danger or undue alarm to the general public. Due considerations are to be taken to ensure all aspects of public safety, security, law and order are not compromised in the organisation of and during the event, and that the event activities do not contravene any legislation. If in doubt, you should seek your own legal counsel.

Sunk Investment Not Ground For Grant of Licence

Sunk investments e.g. renovation, purchase of equipment, rental of premises are not grounds for a licence to be granted. You should ensure that you have obtained the necessary Public Entertainment licence/ approval before starting renovation works or use the premises. Hence, you should consider the financial commitment to your business carefully if a licence/exemption has yet been granted. The following highlights two important considerations that you should take note before submitting an application to operate a Public Entertainment outlet.

  • Suitability of Location

Existence of Public Entertainment outlets in the vicinity of a proposed location does not automatically indicate that your application would be approved as other factors such as the law and order situation are taken into consideration when assessing your application.

  • Processing Fees by URA and HDB 

Processing fees charged by URA and HDB (if applicable) for the planning permission or approval granted does not guarantee the approval of your Public Entertainment licence.

Category 1


Licensing Conditions

Any outlet with live performance of music, singing and/or dancing

Click here

Any outlet under URA Class 15(Nightclubs/Discotheques/ Karaoke Lounge) land use  Click here

Category 2


Licensing Conditions

Any outlet without live performance of music, singing and dancing

Click here

Category 3


Licensing Conditions

Amusement Centre

Click here

Billiard Saloon

Click here

Computer Games Centre

Click here

Axe-throwing Centre

Click here

Paintball Games Centre

Click here

Air-soft gun Games Centre

Click here

Category 4


Licensing Conditions

Operating Crane/ Game Machines at Premises other than Amusement Centres

Click here

With effect from 10 August 2021, golf simulator centres are exempted from applying for a public entertainment licence if such a centre is able to fulfil a set of pre-determined conditions under Order 3(9E) of the Public Entertainments (Exemptions) Order.

Applicants may wish to note that a new Public Entertainment licence is unlikely to be granted at the following locations. This is to manage the number of Public Entertainment establishments and mitigate law and order concerns in the areas:

  1. Orchard Towers*
  2. Orchard Plaza
  3. Cuppage Plaza
  4. Parklane Shopping Mall
  5. Golden Mile Tower
  6. Golden Mile Complex
  7. Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall
  8. Geylang
  9. Joo Chiat

*One of the two buildings comprising Orchard Towers was renamed “One Claymore” on 1 August 2022

A Public Entertainment licence is also unlikely to be granted at the following Historic Conservation Areas because URA intends to maintain the character and ambience of these areas.

  1. Chinatown
  2. Little India
  3. Kampong Glam
  4. Boat Quay
  5. Blair Plain
  6. Cairnhill
  7. Emerald Hill

You can request for a replacement copy of your existing Public Entertainment licence in person at Police Licensing & Regulatory Department.

You will need to pay $11.00 for each new copy.


This advisory outlines the restrictions that will be imposed on prizes for games offered at amusement centres and fun fairs. These restrictions will take effect from 1 March 2024

2. Increasingly, the games being offered in amusement machines in amusement centres and fun fairs have elements of chance. High value prizes are also being offered (e.g. smartphones and gaming consoles). These two components effectively bring the operation of amusement centres and fun fairs closer to gambling.

3. To reduce the risk of gambling inducement, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) will impose the following restrictions on prizes for games offered at amusement centres and fun fairs:

a. The value of the prizes must be under $100;

b. Operators of amusement centres and fun fairs must not offer cash, cash equivalents, credit, merchant vouchers or coupons, as prizes; and

c. The sell-back of prizes to operators will be prohibited.

4. MHA had earlier engaged the operators on these restrictions, during which operators requested some time for transition arrangements. In response to the feedback, MHA will bring the new restrictions into effect starting from 1 March 2024.

a. For Category 3 Public Entertainment Licensees operating amusement centres and Category 4 Public Entertainment Licensees operating amusement machines, the restrictions on prizes will be introduced as licensing conditions under the Public Entertainment Licences. The new licensing conditions will be introduced upon the renewal or issuance of new licences starting from 1 March 2023, but will take effect only from 1 March 2024.

b. For fun fairs, the restrictions on prizes will be introduced as exemption conditions under the Public Entertainments (Exemptions) Order on 1 March 2024. Fun fair operators must fulfil these new conditions to continue to be exempted from a Public Entertainment licence.

5. During the transition period from 6 February 2023 (today) to 29 February 2024 (inclusive), the Gambling Control (High-Value Amusement Machines – Exemption) Order will temporarily exempt operators from Section 18(1)[1] and other selected provisions from the Gambling Control Act. 

6. For more details, please refer to our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). For further queries, please contact: the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department at and MHA at


[1] Under Section 18(1) the Gambling Control Act, it is an offence for operators to offer prizes worth $100 or more for games of chance in amusement machines, without a gambling licence. 


You may submit a new public entertainment licence (establishment licence or ad-hoc licence) here.


Public entertainment licence can be renewed 1 months prior to expiry. You will receive the renewal notice letter via your registered mailing address and can proceed to submit your intention to renew via the FORMSG.

Processing timing after submission will take approximately three week depending on the complexity of the application, and if approved, licensee will be notified and will be able to pay via GoBusiness website without a RRN Number.

If you are unable to submit the renewal application and require assistance, please email with your licence information

Amend Licence Details

You may make the following amendments to your existing Public Entertainment licence:

  1. Company Name (*Should the UEN change, you will have to apply for a new liquor licence.)
  2. Downgrade & Upgrade of Category
  3. Establishment Name
  4. Extend or Reduce the premises
  5. Key Appointment Holders
  6. Licensee
  7. Mailing Address
  8. Operating Hours

Cancel Licence

You may cancel your existing Public Entertainment Licence any time before its expiration.

Please be informed that there will be no refund of the licence fees upon cancellation of the existing Public Entertainment licence, as stipulated under the Public Entertainments and Meetings Rules.


You may withdraw your applications for any Public Entertainment licence at any time before the licence is approved.

If the licence has been approved and issued, you will no longer be able to withdraw it and you will need to make a request to cancel the licence.

You are required to obtain the following documents before applying for any Public Entertainment licence.

  1. Planning permission URA, SLA or HDB on the land use of the premises; and
  2. Registry of Societies certificate (if applicable, when applying on behalf of societies).

Approximately 3 weeks from the receipt of the application and the necessary supporting documents (if required). Any incomplete or incorrect submission will be rejected.

You will be notified of the outcome via SMS, email and post. Alternatively, you may login to GoBusiness Licensing to view your application status.

You will be directed to GoBusiness Licensing webpage which will require you to sign in using your SingPass

If you require assistance or guidance on the GoBusiness portal, please contact their helpdesk at (+65) 6774 1430 or email

The process may take around 15-20 minutes to complete.


The licensee may be awarded Demerit Points in accordance to the Second Schedule of Public Entertainments (Demerit Points) Rules 2017.

Licensees may wish to note that the accumulation of demerit points may result in the following regulatory action(s) to be taken:

Accumulated DPs*

Description of Regulatory Actions

At least 15

1-hour licence hours curtailment for a period of one month

At least 18

2-hour licence hours curtailment for a period of one month

At least 21

Suspension of licence for a period of one month

At least 24

Cancellation of licence

*Calculated according to Rule 6 of the Public Entertainments (Demerit Points) Rules 2017

The payment for Notice of Composition offence may be made online via “link”. Please login using your Singpass and quote the “notice number” (example: IF/2021XXXX/0001) found on the top right corner of the Notice of Composition.

Dear Customers,

With effect from 1 August 2021, members of the public who wish to utilise counter services at the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department, Police Cantonment Complex (391 New Bridge Road) would be required to make an appointment in advance. 

2. To register for an appointment, please use the following link at or the below QR code:

3.Upon successful registration, members of the public will receive a notification with details of the scheduled appointments. 

4.For enquiries, please use our online services at or email us at 

5. Thank you. 

Additional information related to Public Entertainment licence.

GoBusiness is the go-to platform for businesses in Singapore to access Government e-services and resources, including applying for a public entertainment licence.

If you require assistance or guidance on the GoBusiness portal, please contact their helpdesk at (+65) 6774 1430 or email

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