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Massage Establishments

Overview of Massage Establishments


Massage Establishment Guidelines


Under the Massage Establishments Act 2017, you will need to apply for a massage establishment licence from the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department if you intend to carry on the business of providing massage services in an establishment for massage.


Under Section 2(1) of the Act, “massage” is defined as “the act of rubbing, kneading or manipulating the human body or any part of it, by any person (whether or not using any hand-held equipment), for the purpose of relaxing muscle tension, stimulating circulation, increasing suppleness or otherwise”.


(Note: Establishments that provide only manicure, pedicure, light treatment, electric treatment, vapour treatment, baths, etc will no longer be regulated under the Massage Establishments Act, as long as massages are not part of the service or treatment provided.)


Please refer to the Massage Establishments Regulatory Framework for an overview of the new licensing framework effective from 1 March 2018.


If you would like to speak with an officer regarding the Massage Establishments Regulatory Framework, please contact us at Tel: 6835 0000, during our hotline operating hours (Mondays to Fridays: 8.30am to 5.30pm).


To apply for a massage establishment licence, the applicant must fulfill the following criteria:


  1. Be at least 21 years old at the time of application;
  2. Be a responsible officer (as defined in section 2(1) of the Massage Establishments Act 2017; and
  3. Be assessed to be a Fit and Proper* person to hold the licence.


In the event that the applicant is an organisation, a responsible officer from the organisation will also need to be co-licensed. This responsible person is also required to meet the Fit and Proper Criteria.

If the applicant is a foreigner, he must hold a valid relevant work pass.

*Guidelines on the Criteria and Requirements for a Person to be Fit and Proper to Hold a Massage Establishment Licence


Types of Establishments regulated under the Massage Establishments Act


There are five categories of regulated massage establishments as follows:


  1. Cat I & Cat I (Provisional) massage establishments;
  2. Cat II & Cat II (Provisional) massage establishments; and
  3. Exempted massage establishments* (for establishments at which massage is administered in full view of the public and fulfils all the exemption conditions)


* Please read the Massage Establishments (Exemption) Order 2018 for the full details.


Operating Hours


Category I / I (P)

massage establishments

Category II / II (P)

massage establishments


massage establishments


7am to 10.30pm


(except for Category I massage establishments within designated 24-hour zones*, Changi Airport,

and hotels meeting certain additional conditions**)


10am to 10.30pm

7am to 10.30pm


* The designated 24-hour massage establishment zones are within Orchard Road, Marina Centre, Marina Bay, Shenton Way and Collyer Quay.

** Subject to URA’s land use approval and Police’s assessment of impact on law & order.


Submission of Application


The applicant is required to submit the licence application via the LicenceOne website at


Supporting Documents


Applicants are required to submit all supporting documents at the point of application via LicenceOne.


All applications with incomplete or incorrect documents will be rejected immediately. Applicants will be notified of their application status via LicenceOne. 


Suitability of Location


Existence of massage establishments in the vicinity of a proposed location does not automatically indicate that the application would be approved as other factors such as the law and order situation of the location will be taken into consideration when assessing the application.


Sunk Investments


Sunk investments will not be grounds for a licence to be granted. Applicants must ensure that they have obtained the relevant land use approval and a licence under the Massage Establishments Act before making any financial commitment or entering into any contractual agreement.


Existing Licensees


Reminder notifications will be sent to the existing licensees two months before the expiry of their current licences. Licensees who are interested to continue to operate a massage establishment are to submit their application via the LicenceOne website at using the RRN No. that is stated in the reminder notification.


All applications must be submitted at least one month before the expiry of the current licence. Supporting documents, such as CaseTrust Accreditation and URA/HDB Planning Approval,  are to be submitted online together with the application. Submission of supporting documents via email, fax, mail or hand delivery will not be accepted.


Licensees who have not received approval for a new licence by the time their existing licence expires must cease their business operations.  It is an offence to operate a massage establishment without a valid licence.




Type of Application


Application for a massage establishment licence


*No fee is payable for notifying the Licensing Officer of an exempted massage establishment

$525 for each year or part of a year of the term of the licence

For employee registration to work in a licensed massage establishment

$17 per employee

For any change in:


  1. Approved Layout (and resultant change in address of the premises due to expansion or reduction of floor area of the existing premises, if applicable); and
  2. Approved employee uniform.


$22 per application

Copy or replacement of a licence

$11 per copy

Last Updated on 02 September 2019