Notice of Intention to Organise an Event

Notice of Intention to Organise an Event


As stipulated in the Public Order Act 2017, event organisers are required to submit to the Police a “Notice of Intention to Organise an Event” if they expect the number of people participating in or attending the event to exceed the following crowd size at any time during the event:
Public events: 5,000 people
Private events: 10,000 people

The Notice has to be submitted at least 28 days before the start of the event. Upon receiving the Notice, the Police will assess the information provided and inform the event organiser whether the event is declared to be a Special Event, and work with the event organiser to implement appropriate security measures for the event.

For more information, you may refer to the event security planning guide.




An individual or Organisation Organising an Event

Event Exceeding Crowd Size of 5,000 (Public Events)/ 10,000 (Private Events)


There are no fees involved in the submission of the Notice.



Step 1: Go to 

Step 2: Under the tab “Government Agencies”, click “SPF – Singapore Police Force”
Step 3: Scroll down and select “Notice of Intention to Organise an Event” and thereafter “Add to Selection”
Step 4: Click “Review and Apply”. Check that “SPF - Notice of Intention to Organise an Event” has been listed. Click “Proceed”

Step 5:You will be brought to the LicenceOne log in page.

If you are applying on behalf of an organization: Sign in with your organisation’s CorpPass
If you are applying as an individual: Sign in with your SingPass

Step 6: For first-time users to LicenceOne, fill up your personal particulars
Step 7: You will be directed to the page to fill up the Notice of Intention to Organise an Event
Step 8: Click “Proceed” after you have completed the form. If you would like to save your entries and return to complete the form later, click “Save”.

On the following page, you would be able to upload the relevant documents. You may choose to submit them later via email to the Police Officer assigned to review your event.
1 Valid SingPass (for Individual) or Corp Pass (on behalf of Organisation)                  
Publicity plans (eg. media release) (if any)
Road closure plans (if any)
Security plans (if any)
Crowd control plans (if any)
Access control and guest verification plans (if any)


Member of Public may contact the Police at:


Please view the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for more information 


The online application will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

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Last Updated on 10 April 2018