Safety Tips

Road Safety Tips for Cyclists

Cycling in Singapore

Cycling has become more prevalent in Singapore as a form of recreation or even as a form of transportation from point to point. However, cyclists should recognise their own vulnerability and to adopt safe cycling behaviour and habits. Road safety is a shared responsibility. All cyclists should always abide by road traffic rules at all times.

The following are some of the safe cycling behaviours and habits we will like to share with you:

On Safe Cycling Equipment
  • Ride a bicycle that fits you
  • Always check that your bicycle is in good working condition and is properly maintained.
  • You must have a front white light and rear red light / reflector during hour of darkness.

On Safe Cycling Attire
  • Wear a suitable protective bicycle helmet to safeguard yourself against head injuries should you fall.
  • Wear proper shoes and ensure they are tied properly.
  • Wear light-coloured clothing to enhance your visibility to other road users.

On Safe Cycling Behaviours (DOs)
  • Always keep to the left hand edge of the roadway.
  • Always obey traffic light signals. Be prepared to stop when approaching traffic light junctions when the traffic light turns amber. Cyclists must stop when the traffic light turns red.
  • Always dismount from your bicycle and ensure that it is safe to cross before crossing at traffic light junctions. Cyclists should practice the kerb drill too! Look right. Look Left. Look Right again!
  • Be considerate to pedestrians.
  • Give pedestrians advance warning as you approach them by ringing your bell.
  • Give sufficient hand signals to inform other road users of your intention to stop, slow down or when making a left or right turn. (You may refer to the Highway Code on the proper hand signals to make.)

On Safe Cycling Behaviours (DON’Ts)
  • Do not cycle more than two abreast in the same direction.
  • Do not cycle along the footway and on the expressways.
  • Do not cycle across pedestrian crossings and overhead bridges.
  • Do not cycle against the flow of traffic.

Most importantly, NEVER assume your right of way and always remain alert and road safety conscious while cycling on the roads. Keep a lookout for other road users.

Cycling with a Pillion Passenger
  • Pillion below the age of 12 years old must be seated in a properly constructed seat or carrier affixed to the pedal bicycle.

Using a Power-Assisted Bicycle
  • You must only ride a LTA-approved power-assisted bicycle. (Click HERE for more information concerning the requirements for power-assisted bicycles)
  • You must be at least 16 years of age to ride a power assisted bicycle.
  • No persons below the age of 16 years old shall be carried as a pillion passenger on a power-assisted bicycle.
  • You and your pillion passenger must wear a suitable protective bicycle helmet when riding a power-assisted bicycle.

The Singapore Road Safety Council, together with the Traffic Police, have developed a new safe cycling video which educates cyclists on road safety. Members of public may wish to log on to the following link @ to view the video.

Last Updated on 14 September 2017