Safety Tips

Road Safety Tips for Pedestrians


Pedestrians are a vulnerable group of road users. While bigger and faster road users – like motorists and motorcyclists – should keep a lookout for pedestrians, they must do their part in ensuring a safer road environment. Here are some safety tips:


Following the safety tips below will enhance your safety as a pedestrian. If you are an elderly person, or know of elderly persons who constantly use the roads, here are some tips to enhance road safety:


  • Always use pedestrian crossings – never jaywalk. Make use of available pedestrian crossing facilities like overhead bridges, zebra crossings, underpasses and traffic signal lights.


  • Practise the kerb drill when crossing the road:

    Before crossing the road:-


  1. Stop

  2. Look and check for any vehicles coming in your path.

  3. Be patient, practise your kerb drill: Look Right. Look Left. Look Right Again.

  4. Check to see that there are no vehicles or that vehicles have come to a stop, before raising your hand and crossing the road safely.


  • Raise your hand while crossing to alert motorists.


  • Always use footpaths and walkways for your safety and the safety of other road users; never walk along the roads, whenever possible.


  • Do not cross at road bends and in between stationary vehicles, as your visual field is limited in this part of the road. You cannot see incoming vehicles, and drivers cannot see you.


  • Be Seen, Be Safe. Use light coloured clothing when you are walking even during the day and especially so at night, or carry some reflective materials to make yourself more visible to motorists.



Safety Tips for Children




  • Always cross the road at designated pedestrian crossings, overhead bridges, underpasses or zebra crossings. Remember to practise the Kerb Drill when crossing the roads!


  • Always be alert for inattentive drivers even at signalised crossings.


  • Always use footpaths when possible.


  • Always be alert for any oncoming vehicles.




  • Don’t run across the road.


  • Don’t cross in front of a stationary vehicle or between stationary vehicles.


  • Never cross when the ‘red man’ lights up or when the ‘green man’ is flashing.



Safety Tips for Parents


  • Teach your children about road safety rules. Be a good role model by practising good pedestrian safety habits.

Last Updated on 10 May 2018