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The Delta League programme first started in March 2011. Jointly organised by the Singapore Police Force and the National Crime Prevention Council, Delta League is a bi-annual youth engagement programme that aims to engage youths through football, keep them meaningfully occupied during the June and December school holidays and steer them away from crime.

Besides football clinics and matches, the youths would also participate in crime prevention talks and other activities to enhance their awareness of crime prevention or the consequences of crime. Through the programme, we also hope to inculcate in the youths a sense of social responsibility, teamwork and discipline.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Registration usually commences every April and October for the June and December edition, respectively. Click here to subscribe to our Delta League Facebook page and look out for the registration details.

Q: What is the age limit?

A: All youths aged 13 to 17 years old are eligible to participate. These are the categories for the different age groups:

  1. Boys

    1. Category 1: 13-14 years old

    2. Category 2: 15-17 years old

  2. Girls

    1. Open Category: 13-17 years old

Q: What are the rules and regulations of the game?

A: You may click here for the rules and regulations for the June 2019 edition as a reference. The rules and regulation for each edition may be subject to changes, thus please refer to the latest information on the Delta League Facebook page.

Q: I am keen to register for Delta League, however I have yet to finalise my team players. Can I send in a draft team list, and re-submit the final team list upon confirmation?

A: Yes, you may submit your current team list first before the closing date for registration. Thereafter, you may make further changes to the list of players up till the day of your first match. No further changes will be entertained once the first match commences.

Q: I have submitted my team registration. How will I know if my team registration is successful?

A: We will contact your team captain/manager to confirm successful registration.

Q: My team does not have any manager. Can we still participate?

A: Yes, teams may participate without a manager.

Q: I have submitted my team registration, but would like to add one more player. Can I do so?

A: Yes, teams are allowed to make changes to their team list before their first match. Thereafter, no further changes will be allowed.

Q: I have participated in the previous edition of Delta League and will be participating again with the same team. Do I need to submit a new registration form?

A: Yes, all teams are required to complete and submit a new registration form and your list of participants with each new edition of Delta League.

Q: Can I submit my registration form first, while my players get their parent/guardian to sign their individual Indemnity Forms?

A: Yes, you may do so. However, you must ensure all Indemnity Forms must be completed and endorsed by the players’ parent/guardian and submitted to the organising committee before they are allowed to participate in any matches/events.

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