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Published 25 April 2022
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The vital role of protective security in ensuring Singapore’s safety and security.

By: Christabelle Lim

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) established the Protective Security Command (ProCom) on 8 July 2016 to optimise its National Service (NS) manpower resources and support the SPF’s crime-fighting and counter-terrorism efforts. Find out how ProCom builds up the SPF’s protective security capabilities while providing an engaging and meaningful experience for our NS officers and enhancing their operational readiness!

Mission of ProCom

ProCom’s mission is to protect strategic events and locations, critical infrastructures, and increase Police presence at security-sensitive locations. To achieve this mission, ProCom relies on its dedicated Police National (PNS) officers. In fact, ProCom comprises of the largest number of PNS officers of any stand-alone specialist unit in SPF.

Training to become a ProCom Trooper

ProCom officers are required to undergo an intensive, four-week course that encompasses protective security skillsets and theories; weapons training; and specialist and tactical modules such as security searches in urban environments and Fighting-in-Built-Up-Areas.

Specialist modules such as the “Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment of Installation” module train officers to operate effectively in a dynamic security environment. To ensure that ProCom officers are equipped with the required knowledge and skills, they are put to the test through scenario-based assessments.

procom officers undergoing training
Training to fight in urban conditions.

To complete the course, ProCom officers are required to complete a 10km route march in full operational gear of helmet, ballistic vest and Heckler & Koch MP5 mid-range weapon that together weighs close to 17kg. The route march symbolises the completion of their training and signifies their resolve in completing their mission, regardless of the challenges.

procom officers undergoing training photo 2
ProCom officers undergo regular training to sharpen their skills.

Upon completing the course, PNS officers are awarded a skill badge (like their regular counterparts) that attests to their tactical competency to protect Singapore.

Protecting Strategic Locations and Major Events

ProCom officers conduct deterrence patrols at security-sensitive locations such as Marina Bay Sands and the Esplanade, as part of their daily operations. During a major security event such as the National Day Parade, ProCom supports other SPF units by conducting security sweeps, security clearances and counter-drone operations.

procom officers patrolling
ProCom officers conduct deterrence patrols at security-sensitive locations such as Marina Bay Sands and the Esplanade, as part of their daily operations.

A Swifter Operational Response: In-Situ Reaction Teams (IRTs)

In the event of a terror attack, the Police’s response is critical to minimising casualties and damage. In December 2017, the SPF began deploying IRTs (which comprises ProCom officers armed with mid-range weapons) to patrol popular areas with high footfall such as the Orchard Road shopping belt and Marina Bay.

In the event of an attack, the IRTs that are close to the incident site will be able to respond swiftly to engage the perpetrators. To qualify as an IRT trooper, specially selected PNS and regular ProCom officers are put through an intensive three-week course on special tactics and the use of high-powered weaponry.

Partnering the Community

In February 2021, ProCom established the Protective Security Engagement Group (PSEG), as the dedicated engagement arm for ProCom. Currently, the PSEG works with more than 100 public and private agencies, with ProCom officers conducting operations and patrols at the sites of these agencies. The close collaboration between ProCom and these agencies ensures that any security challenges around these sites can be dealt with effectively.

The PSEG will connect with these stakeholders to provide timely advisories on protective security-related matters and to conduct joint patrols and simulated exercises. This allows the PSEG to better prepare stakeholders against potential security threats.

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