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Published 28 April 2023
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A nature lover and fitness enthusiast, SI Lim Kiat Hau merges his two passions to get away from the hustle and bustle!

By: Nur Ihshana Shaheen Binte Babajahn

SI Lim running along a trail surrounded by green trees.
SI Lim often infuses nature into his fitness regime. PHOTOS: Roger Yue III

Station Inspector (SI) Lim Kiat Hau loves to venture onto the nature trails in Singapore for his hikes and jogs. And when he’s on duty, he’s busy helping his fellow Police Coast Guard (PCG) officers hone their fitness. Police Life finds out how he manages to combine his love for nature and fitness during his days off. 

SI Lim in his police uniform posing for the camera.
SI Lim has been in the SPF for 24 years.

Tell us about yourself!

I’m SI Lim, and I joined the Singapore Police Force (SPF) in 1999 as a PCG officer. I’ve been in the Force for the past 24 years and am now a Chief Physical Training Instructor at PCG. On a personal note, I’m also married with two teenage boys. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I really like being out in nature, so I often try to spend time immersing myself in it by taking hikes or jogging through nature trails. I also enjoy long-distance cycling around our sunny island. To me, cycling is a form of cardio, and it helps clear my mind. I feel carefree when I’m on my bicycle!

SI Lim cycling along a path in a park wearing a cycling helmet.
SI Lim cycles 60 km to and from his home to his workplace daily.

What’s your fitness routine?

Maintaining my fitness has been a part of my life even when I was in school! I simply enjoy the feeling that comes after a workout. 

My work as an officer requires me to maintain my fitness, so to build strength, I participate in CrossFit exercises such as tire flips, battle ropes and carrying weights. I also cycle to my workplace every time I come to work, which is about a 60 km round-trip. This way, I can combine my exercise routine with my commute. However, it does mean I have to start my mornings earlier. 

On my days off, I combine my jogs, hikes and rides about three times a week, covering distances of about 40 km each time on average. I do this by packing my foldable bicycle on my back on hikes and jogs, since cycling isn’t allowed on nature trails. I’ll come out at the end of the trail, unfold my bicycle and cycle home.

SI Lim carrying his foldable bicycle on his back while walking along a trail amidst green bushes and trees.
SI Lim often brings along his foldable bicycles on hikes to make the most of his day.

What motivates you on your fitness journey?

To be honest, I’m so used to exercising, I feel a bit strange if I don’t do it each day. I feel my mood is lifted after every workout, and I really think it helps me deal with the stresses of life.

Maintaining my fitness also sharpens my mind, which in turn helps me process my thoughts better at work. Importantly, staying fit allows me to participate in activities I enjoy, and being able to participate in activities with my family, which I’m really grateful for. 

SI Lim flipping a big tire.
SI Lim actively does CrossFit exercises alongside his fellow PCG officers.

What obstacles did you face in your fitness journey?

I’d say it’s the potential for injury, especially when I get a bit older. I’ve had to recalibrate my training regime to recover, and this takes time. 

What advice do you have to prevent injuries during workouts? 

 The most important thing is learning to listen to your body. When you begin feeling pain during workouts, it’s a sign that your body needs rest. Ignoring such signs may lead to injuries.

What’s your fitness goal for 2023?

 My fitness goal is to clinch gold once again for my IPPT. I had some trouble last year with the new IPPT testing machines, but I’ll try my best for this year!

What’s your advice for officers who want to start improving their fitness?

 Focus on small and achievable goals. Start slow, pace yourself and don’t be too anxious to push your body. Also, it’s never too late to start! Always do what can be done today and not wait for tomorrow!

Fun facts on SI Lim's general preferences on various things.

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