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Published 07 July 2023
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NPCC Cadets compete in the shooting range to find the champions of the 2023 NPCC Inter-Unit .22 Revolver Shooting Competition.

By: Nur Ihshana Shaheen Binte Babajahn

Preview photo, male NPCC Cadet shooting at the target in the range, the article title NPCC's Shooting Stars header in white and navy blue.
PHOTOS: Nur Ihshana Shaheen Binte Babajahn

Full of jitters and excitement, 119 National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) Cadets from 20 secondary schools headed down to the Home Team Academy (HTA) for the finals of the NPCC Inter-Unit .22 Revolver Shooting Competition on 30 June 2023.

NPCC Cadets chatting with each other, one boy smiling at his friend, the latter telling him something. Both are engaged in conversation.
Excited Cadets at the viewing gallery as they awaited the start of the competition.

Coming back after a three-year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition brought together talented young Cadets from across Singapore who were keen to showcase their marksmanship. This year, 857 Cadets from 106 NPCC Units took part in the preliminary rounds of the competition.

2 photos side by side, photo on left of trainer explaining safety protocols with microphone to the NPCC Cadets in viewing gallery, photo on the right is a close up of NPCC Cadets listening intently.
Safety first! Cadets listening intently as an HTA trainer gave them a pre-shoot safety briefing.

Chatter filled the viewing gallery as Cadets waited nervously and excitedly for the finals to kick off. But they quietened down when an HTA trainer conducted a briefing to remind them to strictly adhere to safety protocols.

The Cadets were ready to begin. After another safety reminder, they picked up their paper targets from the holding room and prepared to enter the shooting range in an orderly fashion.

Cadet Inspector explaining instructions to NPCC Cadets, Cadets are listening intently.
An NPCC Honorary Officer (HO) giving instructions on what Cadets should take note during the competition.

Meanwhile in the viewing gallery, the other Cadets looked on as their competitors in the first detail walked into the shooting range to their respective booths, clipped their targets to the holders and stood in anticipation of the next command. 

"Pick up revolver, load and ready!” came the order.

"Watch your front!" The air was filled with excitement as the Cadets raised their revolvers. The target turned towards the Cadets, and off they went.

2 photos side by side, photo on left is of a male Cadet shooting in the range with a trainer standing a distance behind him, photo on the right is a female NPCC Cadet shooting in the range.
The Cadets fired away with precision, causing an eruption of applause from the viewing gallery as other Cadets cheered their competitors on.

Occasionally, a cheer would arise from the viewing gallery. Cadets showed their sportsmanship as they applauded the performance of their competitors. 

After the Cadets in the shooting range had completed their shooting sequence, they were instructed to unload the revolvers and place it on the table.

They then took down their targets and headed into the scoring room, where their points would be calculated.

4 photos merged, 2 on top, 2 below. Top right is of bullseye target with bullet holes. Top left is of male Cadet removing his bullseye target from range. Bottom right is of male Cadet counting his points. Bottom left is of 4 male Cadets looking at their targets and engaging in a conversation.
The Cadets took down their targets and headed to the scoring room to calculate their scores.

The Long-awaited Moment
Two hours later, after all the details had completed their shoots, the competition came to an end. It was time for the award ceremony, the most awaited moment of the day.

The Cadets gathered excitedly with their CIs, Honorary Officers and Teacher Officers to hear the results.

Crowd of NPCC Cadets seated and waiting for award ceremony, a boy is smiling, engaging in conversation with his Teacher Officer.
It was finally time for the award ceremony!

The champions were announced, and the crowd went wild. Taking the Individual Shooting honours were Cadets from Nanyang Girls’ High School and Hwa Chong Institution! The room rang with applause and cheers.

2 photos side by side. On the right is male Cadet champion from Hwa Chong Institution, on the right is female Cadet champion from Nanyang Girl's High School. Both Cadets posing with Superintendent Tan Shing Shin, Commandant NPCC. Nanyang Girl's High School Principal is also posing with the female Cadet champion.
The 2023 NPCC Inter-Unit .22 Revolver Individual Shooting Champions from Nanyang Girls' High School (left) and Hwa Chong Institution, with Superintendent Tan Shing Shin, Commandant NPCC.

With the conclusion of the shooting competition, the Cadets gathered to celebrate their victories. Congratulations to all the finalists for demonstrating their marksmanship skills and sporting spirit!

Group of male NPCC Cadets posing by biting their medals, and taking a selfie with their Teacher Officer excitedly after the award ceremony ended.
Teacher Officers beaming with pride as their Cadets’ determination and positive attitude throughout the competition bore fruit. A well-deserved win for all indeed!

The NPCC offers a variety of learning experiences – from Unarmed Tactics and drills to campcraft and community outreach programmes – that help to foster the NPCC values of Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence. This year’s competition surely served as another treasured memory for the participating Cadets!

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