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Published 13 February 2024
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“It’s about enjoying the little things together!” This Valentine’s Day, join ASP Koh Fang Ting and DSP Matthew Ng as they share their love story and the joy of companionship in their life journey!

By: Al Cheng

two officers talking to each other at rooftop
ASP Koh Fang Ting with DSP Matthew Ng. PHOTO: Mohamed Zayed

Tell us about your journey with the SPF.
Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Matthew Ng: I joined the Singapore Police Force (SPF) in 2015 and am currently a Staff Officer (Investigation Policy) in the Operations, Management & Policy Division of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). Prior to this, I was an Investigation Officer (IO) at Central Police Division and a Team Leader at Toa Payoh Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC).

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Koh Fang Ting: I joined the SPF in 2017 and I’ve served as an IO at Central Police Division, a Team Leader at Choa Chu Kang NPC and a Senior IO at CID’s Serious Sexual Crime Branch. Currently, I’m a Staff Officer with CID’s Specialised Crime Policy Branch. 

How did both of you meet and become a couple?
DSP Ng: I met Fang Ting in 2018 at Central Police Division when she first joined the Investigation Branch. Being one of the seniors on the team, I guided her as she was adjusting to the life of an IO. We worked together in solving many cases and realised that both of us have a strong work ethic. 

On one case, we worked together to apprehend a subject who’d committed voyeurism. We were driven to arrest him because of his egregious acts. We trawled through CCTV footage for three days and even skipped our meals at some points. Eventually, we caught the subject and he was charged in Court for his crime.

ASP Koh: We bonded through our passion for policing and that was how we got to know each other better. We found that we have so much in common and became a couple in 2019. Who confessed their feelings first? Of course, Matthew did! We got married in January 2022, exactly three years from the day we became a couple. We chose our wedding date so that we have one less important date to remember!

two officers sitting side by side at the garden, looking at the camera
ASP Koh and DSP Ng met during their IO stint at Central Police Division and have been married for two years. PHOTO: Mohamed Zayed

Do you have children? How do you balance your professional and family commitments? 
DSP Ng: No, but we have a furkid! He’s a seven-month-old Shiba Inu puppy named Raiko. 

ASP Koh: Being a pawrent, it’s all about maintaining a routine of play and walk times.  As for our work commitments, the most challenging period for us was during our Team Leader stints when we had different shift work schedules. We tried our best to balance work demands and spending quality time together.

a couple sitting on a sofa with a shiba inu dog
ASP Koh and DSP Ng with Raiko. PHOTO: DSP Matthew Ng

What are your most memorable experiences as a married couple?
DSP Ng: It’s travelling! We’ve had many memorable trips together. We celebrated the New Year during a recent trip to Turkey, took a hot-air balloon ride and stayed in a cave hotel at Cappadocia!

a couple on holiday at turkey, with hot air balloons
DSP Ng with ASP Koh during their recent trip to Turkey. PHOTO: DSP Matthew Ng

What are the attributes that you admire in your partner?
ASP Koh: You can ask anyone who knows Matthew and they’ll agree that there’s nothing he can’t do!

DSP Ng: Fang Ting is a very grounded and sensible person. These are traits that I’m still learning from her every day. 

How do you maintain a strong bond as a couple?

DSP Ng: We understand the nature of our work as officers. We actively support each other, especially during tough times, and this always brings us closer together.

During our free time, we also make a conscious effort to watching shows together. Our favourite sitcom is How I Met Your Mother; we’ve watched all nine seasons! Apart from that, we love playing with Raiko and managing his Instagram page.

ASP Koh: Planning for activities together, especially overseas trips, is always exciting for us and helps keep us bonded. We’re getting our new home soon and are enjoying the process of designing it together. Ultimately, it’s about enjoying the little things together!

two officers chatting and drinking coffee at cafeteria
ASP Koh and DSP Ng make an effort to spend quality time together, strengthening their bond as a couple. PHOTO: Mohamed Zayed

What message would you like to share with fellow officers on Valentine’s Day?
DSP Ng: Valentine’s Day is about showing appreciation to our loved ones and friends. Let’s also celebrate the camaraderie and solidarity we share with our fellow officers, through the challenges and triumphs of Police work.

ASP Koh: We wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day, filled with love and gratitude. Stay safe!

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