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Published 19 April 2024
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Newly appointed paracounsellor, Ms Jase Khoo, has found her passion in providing support to fellow officers.

By: Alethea Lee

Open mind, sincere attitude: Ms Jase Khoo has served with the CAD for more than 10 years. PHOTOS: Alethea Lee
Open mind, sincere attitude: Ms Jase Khoo has served with the CAD for more than 10 years. PHOTOS: Alethea Lee

In addition to holding the position of Head, Specialist Development, at the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD), in February 2024, Ms Jase Khoo took up a fulfilling new role within the Singapore Police Force (SPF) – that of a paracounsellor. She shares what drives her to excel in her roles!

Can you share, the CAD units you’ve served with?
I joined the CAD as an Investigation Officer, tasked with looking into terrorism financing, money laundering and associated offences. Thereafter, I was posted to the Policy & External Liaison Division, before assuming the role of Team Leader in the Suspicious Transaction Reporting Office. In 2021, I took on my current role as Head, Specialist Development.

The team develops the training roadmap and implements core training competencies for CAD officers. With regard to the larger SPF investigation community, we also work with relevant SPF units to review and develop training content for specialised areas of white-collar crime. Our team also deals with talent attraction, retention and development.

What do you love about your work?
I like that the work in the CAD is multi-faceted, and officers get the chance to diversify their portfolio, ranging from investigation and the analysis of financial intelligence to policymaking. The learning culture is also strong in the CAD, and this creates a conducive environment for officers to develop our skillsets.

Why did you want to become a paracounsellor?
As someone who manages manpower matters on a daily basis, the paracounsellor role aligns with my current responsibilities. Also having previously volunteered with people such as the elderly, young children from disadvantaged families and adults with intellectual disabilities, I’ve witnessed the positive impact that professional psychologists and counsellors can have. This motivates me to pursue similar avenues of support, whether in my professional role or as a volunteer.

Ms Khoo is committed to putting her paracounsellor training to use to support her fellow officers.
Ms Khoo is committed to putting her paracounsellor training to use to support her fellow officers.

How did you find the paracounsellor training?
The programme by the Police Psychological Services Department (PPSD) was well-organised, and demonstrated the depth of experience our trainers had. I really appreciate the way the roleplaying assessment was conducted. The interactive nature of it allowed us to exchange ideas and discuss areas of improvement, with valuable insights from our trainers.

One crucial realisation for me was that while every paracounsellor has his or her unique counselling style, we all share the same objective – to empower our officers so that they can understand the challenges they’re facing and take positive steps to resolve them.

Can you share about a rewarding moment from your work as a paracounsellor?
The counselling process may be a gradual one, yet it becomes increasingly fulfilling when we witness officers taking proactive steps to enhance their well-being. Recently, I had a family member of an officer reach out to express their gratitude. This reaffirms my belief in the positive impact that SPF paracounsellors can have.

What are some of the attributes of being a paracounsellor that you’d like to continue to develop?
To be empathetic, non-judgemental and be able to effectively apply active listening skills. This ensures that we engage our officers with an open mind and sincere attitude. The paracounsellor community is always ready to help, and we’re very much within reach, for officers who need us.

SPF Paracounsellors’ Appointment and Awards Ceremony

On 15 February 2024, the PPSD and SPF Paracounselling Committee (ParaComm) held its annual SPF Paracounsellors’ Appointment and Awards Ceremony. At the Ceremony, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Policy) Jerry See presented appointment certificates to newly appointed paracounsellors, senior paracounsellors, unit Paracounsellor Team Leaders and ParaComm Subcommittee heads. At the close of the Ceremony, paracounsellors who were present stood to take the Paracounsellor Pledge, reaffirming their unwavering commitment to their mission and cause.

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