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Published 10 May 2024
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Meet Sgt Linda, paws-itively making a difference as a Police K-9 Unit officer and fur-ever devoted mom. A round of a-paws indeed!

By: Domnic Dass

family sitting together on a field of grass, on top of a dog obstacle element
PHOTO: Naveen Raj

Superheroes in the movies may wear capes of different shades, but Sergeant (Sgt) Linda Ang is all about the colour blue! At work, she’s a fearless Police K-9 Unit officer, sniffing out crime and keeping Singapore safe. At home, she’s a devoted mother of two, nurturing young minds and hearts. This Mother’s Day, join us as we uncover the inspiring story of a real-life superhero who’s making a difference in every role she takes on!

Police Officer holding onto dog's cheeks and looking at him, smiling
Sgt Linda and her current K-9 partner, Scooter, have worked together for almost four years, and he'll be retiring soon. PHOTO: Naveen Raj

What are your current roles and responsibilities as a Police K-9 Unit officer?
As an Explosive Detection Dog handler, my primary responsibilities include patrolling public transport nodes; supporting major security events like the National Day Parade and New Year’s Eve countdown; and ensuring my K-9 partner’s operational readiness to respond swiftly and effectively when activated.

What inspired you to join the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and pursue a role in the Police K-9 Unit?
Growing up, I was always fascinated by local police dramas like Crimewatch, Triple 9 and CLIF, which sparked my desire to serve with the SPF.

I’ve always been an animal lover and the opportunity to work alongside a canine partner in the Police K-9 Unit was a dream come true! 

Tell us more about your family.
I’m a mother to two lovely girls, aged seven and five. My husband is also an SPF officer; he’s a Senior Training Officer at Tanglin Police Division. 

father carrying daughter and mother carrying another daughter. Mother is in police uniform.
Sgt Linda with her husband, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Andy Wang, and their daughters during her Emergency Medical Technician graduation ceremony in December 2022. PHOTO: SPF

What challenges did you face as a young mother in the Force, and how did you overcome them?
As a young mother, I took a break from work to focus on my children’s early years. I’m thankful for the SPF’s unwavering support in allowing me to take unpaid leave and fully experience many of my children’s first moments, and also to my colleagues. Having a supportive family and an understanding husband to care for our daughters enables me to balance work and family life.

Has motherhood affected your approach to policing?
It has helped me to bring sensitivity and attentiveness to my work, especially in cases involving children. 

mother donning the beret for daughter together with father and youngest daughter
Sgt Linda shared that her eldest daughter's dream is to join the SPF when she grows up, just like her parents. PHOTO: Naveen Raj

How do you hope to inspire your daughters as a Police officer?
By showing them that being a Police officer is not just about fighting crime, but also helping those in need. I want my children to see the impact of our work on the community and inspire them to also make a positive difference.

What made you decide to adopt your retired K-9 partner, Gus?
Gus, a Narcotics Detection Dog, was a Labrador Retriever who was my first furry partner. We worked as a team for three years. I wanted to give him a well-deserved retirement and loving home, in honour of our unbreakable bond and his dedicated service to our nation.

an under the block shot of the family with their two late dogs
Sgt Linda with ASP Andy Wang and their daughters, with Almond (left) and Gus. PHOTO: SPF

Gus had a profound impact on my family. He was a loving big brother to my daughters, patiently tolerating their playful antics. Gus passed away in 2022 but through him, my daughters learnt valuable lessons about responsibility, care and affection. 

We also raised Almond, a Shih Tzu, in our family, and took care of him until he passed away in 2023. 

What message would you like to share with fellow mothers in blue on Mother’s Day?
Regardless of which stage of life we’re in, we all have a role to play, whether it’s as a mother, fur mom, wife, daughter or sister. Let’s continue to be the superhero for our families!

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