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Published 24 May 2024
4-min Read

Leading-edge tech tools, cool prototypes and the latest in community partnerships to fight cybercrime – here are five highlights from this year’s Police Workplan Seminar!

By: Mike Tan

Police Life 052024 SPF Workplan Seminar 01
PHOTOS: Alethea Lee

Held on 24 May 2024 at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, this year’s Police Workplan Seminar had the theme “A Future-Ready SPF: Cyber and Beyond” and saw the unveiling of initiatives in three areas: strengthening the Police’s cybercrime and scam-fighting capabilities; leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable new frontiers in policing; and partnering the community to fight cybercrime.

Police Life 052024 SPF Workplan Seminar 02
This year’s Workplan Seminar saw the launch of two new community initiatives to fight cybercrime by (from left) Mr Gerald Singham, Chairman, National Crime Prevention Council; Ms Sun Xueling, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of Social and Family Development; Deputy Prime Minister Mr Heng Swee Keat; Commissioner of Police Hoong Wee Teck; and Assistant Commissioner of Police Shng Yunn Chinn, Director, Community Partnership Department. PHOTO: SPF

In his opening address, Deputy Prime Minister Mr Heng Swee Keat thanked SPF officers for sustaining and building public trust through partnerships with the community and enhancing new crimefighting capabilities: “I am confident that the SPF, with your commitment to build a Future-Ready Force, will continue to provide Singaporeans with a safe and secure home to raise their families, give businesses the confidence to invest and grow in Singapore, and attract overseas visitors to Singapore.”

Here are five highlights from this year’s Police Workplan Seminar!

1. Launch of the Cyber Guardians on Watch (CGW) and Cyber Crime Prevention Ambassadors (Cyber CPA) Initiatives

Members of the public can sign up with CGW to receive updates on the latest scam trends and cybercrimes via the Police@SG app!

Police Life 052024 SPF Workplan Seminar 06
Standing together: Meet our newly minted members of the CGW (from left) Mr Daneshwaran Ranganathan, Ms Seri Natalia and Mr Dennis Chung. Also eager to raise cybercrime awareness are Cyber CPAs (from left) Mr Raja Sekaran and Mr Jerrell Chong. PHOTOS: Alethea Lee

For those who wish to play a more active role in the fight against cybercrime, the Cyber CPA programme – an initiative of the National Crime Prevention Council – allows members of the public to receive training on the latest online crime trends, in order to better engage with the community at roadshows and community events. We all have a part to play in fighting cybercrime!

2. Scam Analytics and Tactical Intervention System (SATIS)

Scam websites, beware! A collaboration between the SPF, GovTech and the Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX), SATIS is a customised dashboard that triages, assesses and disrupts scam websites swiftly. In 2023, more than 25,000 scam-related websites have been identified and disrupted by SATIS.

With SATIS, the time required to disrupt a scam website is reduced by about 75% (compared to using manual methods for assessment). And that’s not all – the SPF, GovTech and HTX are looking to enhance SATIS by incorporating AI and machine learning capabilities.

3. A One-Stop Portal on Scams

To make it easier for the public to find information on scams and get help, the SPF is working with partners to develop a one-stop portal that consolidates information from existing anti-scam resources!

Police Life 052024 SPF Workplan Seminar 03
A new one-stop portal will allow members of the public to more easily access the latest information on scams and to safeguard themselves. PHOTO: Alethea Lee

Think you might have fallen prey to a scam, and want to know the latest anti-scam measures to take? The portal (which is expected to be launched in Q3 2024) will provide updates on the latest scam trends and variants.

4. Vehicle Forensics

When it comes to investigating traffic-related offences, data sets that are stored in vehicles and their electronic systems can yield invaluable information. 

Police Life 052024 SPF Workplan Seminar 04
Wheel data: A demo of how data from a vehicle’s infotainment system can be extracted and analysed to support investigations. PHOTOS: Alethea Lee

This Vehicle Forensics capability was showcased at the Workplan Seminar via a demonstration. Working with HTX, officers can now extract and analyse datasets from car infotainment systems and on-board diagnostics ports.

5. Self-Lodging Police Report Chatbot Prototype

In recent years, AI has opened up exciting new ways that we can be more effective at work. The SPF is also exploring new technology which can enhance how offences can be reported to the Police!

Currently, members of the public can lodge Police reports online rather than doing so in person. This report is then channelled to an Investigation Officer (IO) for assessment and, if needed, the IO will follow-up with requests for clarifications.

Police Life 052024 SPF Workplan Seminar 05
Let’s get prompted: The chatbot prototype helps members of the public to provide essential information when lodging a Police report, making the process more effective and efficient. PHOTOS: Alethea Lee

To improve the reporting process, the SPF has worked with HTX to develop a Self-Lodging Police Report Chatbot prototype. The chatbot prototype functions via an online chat (much like other AI interfaces), helping members of the public to draft the report by prompting for relevant information. The SPF is enhancing the chatbot prototype for trials at select Neighbourhood Police Centre e-Kiosks.


A Future-Ready SPF: Cyber and Beyond

For a glimpse at some of the exciting tech-centric possibilities to keep Singapore safe and secure, check out this video from the Police Workplan Seminar 2024.



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