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Published 15 May 2023
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From leading-edge tech tools to the latest in community engagement efforts, here are seven highlights from this year’s Police Workplan Seminar!

By: Leow Su Ling

A collage of photos from the Police Workplan Seminar 2023

Held on 12 May 2023 at the Singapore Expo, this year’s Police Workplan Seminar had the theme “A Future-Ready Force for the Nation” and unveiled a range of initiatives that enhance the Police’s ability to keep Singapore safe and secure. Want a preview of what the future holds? Here are seven highlights from the Seminar!

image of the police tactical strike vehicle. The vehicle is black in colour with the words "special operations command" written on the side of the vehicle in white.
Putting public safety and security first: The TSV.

Enhancing the Police's Response to Public Order and Public Security Incidents
1. Tactical Strike Vehicle (TSV): The TSV was jointly developed by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX) to augment the tactical capabilities of the Special Operations Command. It features a protective mesh and an armoured body for enhanced troop protection.

the Counter Drone System on the left with an image of the jammer gun (in black) on the right. The gun is black with built in fans to cool it down
The Counter Drone System.

2. Counter Drone System: Drones can bypass traditional security measures that protect major events. To counter this threat to public safety and security, the SPF and HTX have developed a counter drone system. A suite of detection sensors helps detect unauthorised drones, allowing the Police’s ground forces to use handheld jammer guns to disrupt the drone’s control signal, stop its flight and retrieve it for investigations.

Augmenting Frontline Policing
3. Operationalisation of Patrol Robots: Did you know that autonomous patrol robots have been deployed at Changi Airport Terminal 4 since April 2023? The robots augment patrols by Police officers and help to project Police presence around the clock. The SPF will be progressively deploying patrol robots in more public areas across Singapore.

a patrol robot on the left. It is white with rugged wheels. The automated armoury system is grey in colour with many drawers which officers can release after identity is verified. The drawers will contain their weapons.
Patrol Robots in action; the Automated Armoury System.

4. Automated Armoury System: An initiative of the SPF, Central Narcotics Bureau and HTX, the Automated Armoury System is a smart locker system that allows officers to perform self-withdrawal and return of their sidearms. With multiple authentication terminals, multiple officers can withdraw and return their sidearms and tasers at the same time. The Automated Armoury System also improves the governance of armaments as it can detect and respond to lapses.

Cody, the Community Engagement Robot.
Patrol Robots in action; the Automated Armoury System.

Enhancing Service Delivery and Community Engagement
5. Community Engagement Robot: One highlight of the Seminar was the Community Engagement Robot, developed by the SPF in consultation with the Home Team Science and Technology Agency and Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Also known as Cody (Community Outreach BudDY), the Robot shares key messages with members of the public through interactive videos and quizzes, and can communicate in various vernacular languages. Cody will be deployed at roadshows, community engagement events and even on patrols at community spaces.

6. Service Transformation: To improve the efficiency of Police operations, optimise resources and leverage technology to serve the community better, Neighbourhood Police Centres (NPCs) will be re-designed to provide round-the-clock self-service options such as self-help kiosks and found-property dropboxes. Woodleigh NPC will be the first redesigned NPC, serving the Bidadari estate from July 2023.

showcasing officers from the SPEO in yellow uniforms holding a scamshield banner.
Working with the community to enhance public education on scams.

7. Scam Public Education Office (SPEO): The SPF’s newly established SPEO will drive scam public education and awareness efforts. It will also expand the SPF’s outreach on scams by leveraging partnerships with public and private entities; ensuring consistent anti-scam messaging across various communications platforms; and rallying the community to amplify and co-create anti-scam messages and programmes.

A Future-Ready Force for the Nation

Learn more about the initiatives unveiled at the Police Workplan Seminar 2023. Read the opening address for the Seminar by Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law.

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