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Published 06 August 2023
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Meet four officers who’ve worked together to represent the SPF and salute Singapore with absolute dedication!

By: Domnic Dass and SI Kamisah

Four officers standing on a parade ground, where the left most extreme is wearing a ceremonial white attire, 2nd is wearing a blue police uniform, and the rest are wearing a ceremonial attire
PHOTO: Soh Ying Jie

This year's National Day Parade (NDP) marks a return to the iconic Padang after three years. With the theme “Onward As One,” the Parade calls upon Singaporeans to look to the future with confidence and unity.

a photo of many officers wearing white Guard of Honour ceremonial attire standing in salute facing the left
The SPF GOH Contingent (right) during the NDP preview on 29 July 2023. PHOTO: Naveen Raj Kunaseelan

Amidst the celebrations, four officers from the Singapore Police Force’s (SPF) Guard of Honour (GOH) Contingent exemplify this spirit of shared purpose. Despite coming from different squads, backgrounds and generations, they’ve come together to salute the nation. Here are their stories, in their own words.

photo of SI Ridzuan, wearing a blue police uniform, on the parade ground with a police building the background. He is slim built, clean shaven.
Station Inspector (SI) Muhammad Ridzuan Bin Zakariah; Field Instructor, Training Command (TRACOM); Chief Trainer of the SPF GOH Contingent. PHOTO: Soh Ying Jie

An 18-year Veteran NDP Trainer
SI Ridzuan: I began my journey with the SPF in 1994 as a Full-time Police National Service (PNSF) officer and later became a regular officer.

After serving in various SPF Divisions, I joined TRACOM in 2004 as a Field Instructor. In 2005, I received the honour of becoming an NDP Trainer, and I’m presently the Chief Trainer for the SPF GOH contingent.

photo of the three officers in white ceremonial attire, with their backs faced, looking at SI ridzuan, who is giving instructions and talking to them
SI Ridzuan speaking to his GOH Contingent officers. PHOTO: Soh Ying Jie.

It’s a role that fills me with immense pride, and I’ve dedicated myself to guiding officers for the GOH and Marching Contingents, inspiring them to give their utmost. 

The NDP was last held at the Padang in 2019. As we return to the Padang this year, the feeling is truly uplifting! I’ve really missed it.

As an NDP Trainer, I hope I can be a source of inspiration for these young officers, nurturing them to do their best and proudly represent the SPF.

officer is standing in his white uniform, armed clasped infront of him, on the parade ground. He is wearing spectacles and also wearing a peak cap
Officer Cadet (OCT) Muhammad Faris Bin Mohd Faizal, TRACOM. PHOTO: Soh Ying Jie

Rising Above Every Challenge
OCT Muhammad Faris: After completing my Basic Military Training in the Singapore Armed Forces, I was selected for the Officer Cadet Course and started my Police training at the Home Team Academy on 13 Mar 2023. Representing the SPF is a profound experience. I feel confident now that I can achieve anything!

Despite coming from different units, we all share a common goal and feel really proud to wear the No. 1 uniform, and to represent the SPF.

It takes hard work to execute our drills with precision and excellence. I just wanted to say “thank you” to my fellow officers for taking this challenging journey together, to create a memorable day for all!

officer is standing on the parade ground with the stands behind him. He is wearing a white ceremonial attire with a dark blue peak cap, with his arms firmly to the back.
Trainee Sergeant (T/Sgt) Purrusohthaaman Chetthiar, Regular Trainee, TRACOM. PHOTO: Soh Ying Jie

A Steady Presence on the Parade Square
T/Sgt Purrusohthaaman: I joined the SPF in February 2023, and it was a dream come true for me as I’d always wanted to serve the community and be part of something positive and great. 

Luckily, I also got the wonderful opportunity to represent the SPF in this year’s Police Day Parade on 3 June and now the NDP, as part of the GOH Contingent. 

Between training sessions for the NDP, we’re also mindful to maintain high standards in our physical training and academics. Yet I take immense pride in being part of the GOH Contingent, as it comes only once for us as Trainees.

back of SI Ridzuan in the foreground with three officers in white ceremonial attire and dark blue pants, in the background facing photographer. They are smiling and laughing while talking
T/Sgt Purrusohthaaman (middle) sharing a light-hearted conversation with his GOH Contingent mates. PHOTO: Soh Ying Jie

Wearing the No. 1 uniform and representing the SPF is an honour. When I see my Contingent mates and Trainers working hard together at every training session, I also strive to give my best.

I can’t wait to see the stunning fireworks display on the night of the NDP. It’s a highlight that will mark the close of our journey together, but also the start of new ones as officers.

To my Field Instructors and fellow Contingent mates, I just want to say that your dedication is deeply appreciated. Thank you for motivating me with your positivity and encouragement. This journey has been wonderful indeed! 

officer in white uniform and dark blue pants, standing with this arms clasped behind. He is on the parade ground, with some very tall trees in his background
Special Constable Sergeant (SC/Sgt) Colin Ang, Field Instructor, TRACOM. PHOTO: Soh Ying Jie

An Operationally Ready Date to Never Forget
SC/Sgt Colin Ang: I enlisted on 11 August 2021, two days after National Day. I became a Field Instructor at TRACOM and represented the SPF in NDP 2022’s Marching Contingent and this year’s GOH Contingent. Serving in two consecutive NDPs has been immensely rewarding.

NDP Trainer Colin in white uniform and peak cap facing front and in background, talking to two officers in the foreground whose back is facing the reader
NDP Trainer SC/Sgt Colin Ang giving instructions to his Trainees during a rehearsal at TRACOM. PHOTO: Soh Ying Jie

As an NDP Trainer, my main responsibility is to ensure the Contingent is well-versed in arm drills and can execute them consistently and precisely. As their supervisor, it’s equally important that I take care of the officers by listening to them and ensuring that they eat well, stay hydrated and get sufficient rest.

three photo collage where left photo is three officers in white in a senandiri position, top right photo is colin smiling and bottom left photo is the three officers in white facing camera and talking to SI ridzuan who is in the foreground but his back is only seen
SC/Sgt Colin Ang has not only served as a Trainer but also marches together with his Trainees during NDP rehearsals. PHOTOS: Soh Ying Jie

Witnessing the GOH Contingent perform fills me with pride. I’ve seen how far they’ve come since our first training session together, from encouraging one another and enjoying lighter moments together to performing as one united Contingent.

The sense of pride we feel when we march onto the Padang to represent Singapore and the SPF, to the cheers and applause of spectators – that feeling is shared by every officer.

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