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Duo To Be Charged For Disclosing Singpass Login/Bank Account Details Used By Scam Syndicates For Money Laundering

A 31-year-old woman and a 16-year-old youth will be charged in court on 5 August 2022 for their suspected involvement in knowingly disclosing their SingPass login/bank account details to other persons in two separate cases. The bank accounts were purportedly used to launder proceeds of crime by scam syndicates.

In January 2022, the woman responded to a Telegram message which offered her cash in exchange for her SingPass details. After she allegedly handed over her SingPass login details, a syndicate was able to register three bank accounts with Citibank, UOB and OCBC in her name. The bank accounts were subsequently used to launder proceeds of crime amounting to more than $100,000.

In March 2022, the youth had allegedly relinquished his UOB internet-banking login credentials to a 17-year-old youth who then sold it to a scam syndicate. The UOB bank account was later used to launder proceeds of crime amounting to more than $30,000. Investigations against the 17-year-old youth are ongoing.

For disclosing her SingPass login details, the woman  will be charged in court under Section 8(2)(a) of the Computer Misuse Act 1993. If convicted, she will be liable to an imprisonment term not exceeding three years and a fine not exceeding $10,000,or both, for first-time offenders. For allegedly relinquishing his bank account, the youth will be charged under Section 3(1) of the Computer Misuse Act 1993. If convicted, he will be liable to an imprisonment term not exceeding two years, a fine up not exceeding $5,000, or both, for first-time offenders.

The Police take a serious view of these offences. The Police will not hesitate to take action against individuals who may be involved in scams, and deal with perpetrators in accordance with the law. To avoid being an accomplice to crime, members of the public should always reject seemingly attractive money-making opportunities promising fast and easy pay-outs for the use of their SingPass accounts, bank accounts or allow their personal accounts to be used to receive and transfer money for others. Remember that you will be held accountable if these are linked to crimes.

For more information on scams, members of the public can visit or call the Anti-Scam Hotline at 1800-722-6688. Anyone with information on such scams may call the Police Hotline at 1800-255-0000 or submit information online at All information will be kept strictly confidential. 


04 August 2022 @ 4:00 PM