Direct-Entry Inspector

Motivate and lead a team of extraordinary people who share a common goal: To keep Singapore safe and secure.


Be equipped to succeed in your policing duties with a residential training programme lasting 9 months (Direct-Entry Inspector). Undergo a well-structured curriculum that includes lessons in criminal law, physical training, community policing, as well as leadership development.

Inspector trainees can also expect criminal investigation lessons and further leadership training, which includes an overseas segment.


Look forward to regular rotations that give you a chance to explore various functional areas of the Force. Your career will follow a well-structured track that grooms you for future command appointments.

  • Frontline Policing: As a Neighbourhood Police Centre Officer, partner the community in our fight against crime.
  • Investigation: As an Investigation Officer, solve a full spectrum of crimes – Establish the truth and set wrongs right.
  • Command: As a Team Leader, lead a group of purpose-driven officers to achieve the SPF Vision – to make Singapore the safest place in the world.
  • Staff: As a Staff Officer, plan and implement policies to support frontline operations and develop the Force’s long-term capabilities.


Educational Qualification Starting Salary*
First Class Honours $4,010 - $4,800
Second (Upper) Class Honours
Second (Lower) Class Honours $3,700 - $4,650
Third Class Honours

* Starting salary will vary according to assessment of academic qualifications, relevant work experience and completion of full-time National Service.


As a uniformed officer, you will also be eligible for retirement benefits under the INVEST Scheme. A contribution equivalent to 13.25% of your gross salary will be credited monthly into your retirement account, starting from your first year in service and will cease when you reach 55 years old. The monies are invested to earn investment returns. Upon retirement, you can withdraw the full sum in your account. 


New officers can look forward to cash payouts of 3 months (ASP and below) quantum upon reaching their 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 20th, and 25th year in service.


In recognition of the challenging nature of Police work, you will also receive an annual cash payment, where the quantum of payment ranges from 0.75 month to 1.5 month, as you advance up the ranks.

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Last Updated on 14 August 2019