Career as a Police Officer

The Protectors


Every day, officers of the Singapore Police Force give their utmost to prevent, deter and detect crime. They are our protectors — outstanding men and women we can count on to keep us safe and secure. More than just a job, it is a career that makes a real difference by safeguarding every day.


The work of a Police Officer is not just to fight crime, but also to protect the vulnerable. You need to be tenacious and tough yet sensitive and empathetic when required. You must be able to think on your feet and remain calm in critical situations, but also be proactive and sincere when engaging the community.


  Male Female
PES Status  PES A or B1L1 Exempted 
Educational Requirements 

Direct-Entry Sergeant:
Minimally 5 GCE ‘O’ Level Credits*

Direct-Entry Inspector:
A Pass Degree in any discipline**

Vision Normal Colour Vision

* This includes Diplomas from local Polytechnics, International Baccalaureate (IB), NUS High School, NAFA, LASELLE and ITE Technical Engineering; GCE ‘A’ Level certificates; Higher NITEC or NITEC certificates; and GCE ‘O’ Level certificates (at least 5 credits).

** In general, degrees accredited by the government of the home country where the university originates will be considered for employment into the Public Service.


  • Annual Leave of 28 – 35 days
  • Medical leave of 14 days or 60 days with hospitalisation
  • Annual study leave of 12 days (Subject to approval)
  • Degree/Diploma sponsorship (Refer to position)
  • Subsidised medical and dental fees
  • Class 3 driving licence
  • Professional learning and development benefits
  • Retention and retirement benefits (Refer to position)


For Students For Serving Officers
Postgraduate Study Sponsorship
The Home Team Diploma Sponsorship Full-Time Degree Sponsorship Programmes
The Home Team ITE Sponsorship Part-Time Degree/Diploma Sponsorship Programmes
  MHA Study Award


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Last Updated on 02 January 2019