Career Roadmap

The Singapore Police Force offers our officers a wide range of career choices and opportunities. In addition, under the unified Police scheme, non-graduate officers can now look forward to seamless advancement opportunities up the ranks.


Good-performing Direct-Entry Sergeants can be directly promoted to the rank of Inspector within the first few years in the Force, even without a degree. Similarly, accelerated advancement to the rank of Assistant Superintendent applies to Inspectors who perform well.


Unified Scheme


 Diploma Sponsorship Professional Development Leave  Postgraduate Study Sponsorship  Career Transition Programmes
 Degree Sponsorship
 Yearly $700 Learning and Development Subsidy


You may also move up the ranks by specialising in one of our three expert tracks: Intelligence, Investigation or Special Operations. Deepen your technical competencies while advancing with our enhanced career pathways (Senior Specialist/Principal Specialist/Expert).

Last Updated on 18 July 2017