Home Team Specialist Scheme

The Home Team Specialist Scheme aims to develop a core group of specialists with deep technical knowledge and/or skills, as well as a strong appreciation of Home Team operational work. These officers will be deployed in a variety of operations alongside uniformed officers. There are various specialist tracks under the Home Team Specialist Scheme as follows:



Appointment Grade Gross Salary Range*  
Home Team Specialist
Grade13 (entry grade) – Degree Holders
$3,220 – $4,350
Home Team Specialist
Grade15 (entry grade) – Diploma Holders
$2,140 – $2,370

* Appointment grade and starting salary will vary and commensurate according to assessment of the fit of academic qualifications, relevant/useful work experiences and completion of Full-Time National Service.


  • Annual vacation leave of 18 days (21 days after 10 years of service)

  • Annual medical leave of 14 days or 60 days with hospitalisation

  • Annual study leave of 12 days (subject to approval)

  • Subsidised medical and dental care

  • Use of local and overseas holiday bungalows and chalets

  • Marriage/Child birth benefits

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Last Updated on 03 September 2018